Austerity Logic II

Or you can look at austerity logic this way:

Fiscally-conservative type: This runaway spending is unsustainable. Maybe we need to cut it? Or at least slow it?

Social-progressive type: Raise taxes. Got it.

Fiscally-conservative type: Wait what?

Social-progressive type: You said we need to do austerity.

Fiscally-conservative type: Well, cut spending.

Social-progressive type: That’s austerity.

Fiscally-conservative type: Ok…

Social-progressive type: So, you’re saying we need to raise taxes. Way ahead of you.

Fiscally-conservative type: Argh no! I’m saying we should cut spending. Do you not see the diff…

Social-progressive type: Dude, you are so confused. Austerity is austerity!


Social-progressive type: Um, HEY, genius, we TRIED that austerity you were blabbing about.

Fiscally-conservative type: You did?

Social-progressive type: Uh YEAH we did, and I’m never listening to you again. Your entire ideology is now totally discredited.

Fiscally-conservative type: Why? What happened?

Social-progressive type: We tried your cherished ‘austerity’, and it made everything worse.

Fiscally-conservative type: You cut spending and it made everything worse?

Social-progressive type: No, we raised taxes up the wazoo. Value added taxes, sales taxes, marginal income taxes, whatever we could get away with. Spending, we actually kept increasing.

Fiscally-conservative type: What! Why did you do that??

Social-progressive type: Because of YOU, okay! We learned it from watching YOU!

Fiscally-conservative type: Like hell you did. I could’ve told you that raising taxes would be harmful to the economy! That fact is actually perfectly in line with my entire philosophy, and now you’ve proved me right!

Social-progressive type: No, we’ve proved you totally wrong, idiot. You said austerity and we did austerity. Austerity is austerity. Your argument is invalid.

Fiscally-conservative type: !!!

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2 Responses to Austerity Logic II

  1. RPLong says:

    HA! I love the reference to that anti-drugs PSA from the 80s. I thought I was the only one who still remembered that.

    • It’s actually striking how many people remember that ad, vs. how little effect it (presumably) had.

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