I deserve some lefty link-love

As all the lefties are writing their big round-up omnibus posts of Righties Saying Stupid Things About Nate Silver, just wanted to point out that I deserve to be in the appendix of ‘the few who got it right’.

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5 Responses to I deserve some lefty link-love

  1. Pastorius says:

    Congratulations. You called the death of civilization.

    Problem is you did not do it in lofty language filled with the stench of fire and brimstone. Instead you did it in analytical language like an autopsy performed before the person was quite dead.

    Still, you were prescient.

    It smells fucking terrible in here, though.

  2. Callowman says:

    Can I just point that you’re not antigay enough for lefty link love? I thought you were, but I was wrong … while Obama remains so, so right. Grrrrr!

    OK, OK, you were right on the numbers thing. We all admit that. And yet on another level, you were wrong – so very wrong! – and that’s way more important. And what’s more, you know it!

    You disappoint me. There. I’ve said it. I’m sorry. But you shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know why you guys always do.

    • LOL

  3. Pastorius says:

    What is Callowman talking about?

    • Callowman says:

      I was just pointing out that Sonic is wrong in spirit even though he was right in fact. But you knew that.

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