Why didn’t Romney’s son use his (investment’s) partial ownership of a voting-machine company to steal the election for his daddy?

That just makes no sense. He clearly had all the tools in place to steal the election. I read it on several lefty blogs.

Did he forget the election was on Tuesday? Was there some screwup with daylight savings time or something?

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7 Responses to Why didn’t Romney’s son use his (investment’s) partial ownership of a voting-machine company to steal the election for his daddy?

  1. Matt says:

    You haven’t seen all the youtube videos of electronic voting machine fraud?

    • I think I saw some, but why didn’t it work? Did they forget to switch on the secret flip-to-Romney algorithm on election day?

      • Matt says:

        This election was such a landslide that Romney couldn’t even win when cheating, I guess. Or maybe all the youtube videos are fake and edited*. I have this suspicion though that historians 100 years from now will look on the present time as one of the worst for vote stealing.

        * I mean, if you think about it, why would a cheating vote machine give any indication to the user that it is cheating? That would be the most amateurish attempt at vote fraud ever.

        • anon says:

          If anyone is going to actually use machines to steal votes, it’s better to do it at a UI level, where you have plausible deniability (“the screen was miscalibrated!”) If you actually put it deeper under the hood, it’s gonna be found and it’s gonna be damning as hell.

          • Matt says:

            But in that case the fraud completely fails…the first person that encounters it notifies the authorities and they give him a different non-fraudulent machine. We surely aren’t expected to believe that thousands of people just gleefully went ahead and voted for Romney when they really wanted to vote for Obama.

            • So basically, Romney’s son was not merely evil, but dumb too. He got a stake in a voting-machine company to set in motion an election-stealing plan that all the lefties caught wind of and freaked out about (and foiled with YouTube videos) even though it never had a chance of working anyway. That seems just about the most consistent way to summarize all this.

  2. josh says:

    Were the lefties calling it, “pulling a JFK”?

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