Gun control modest proposal: just disarm all the blacks

Steve Sailer says lefties favor gun control because they’re afraid of blacks. Michael Moore says righties oppose gun control and want guns because they’re afraid of blacks.

Do I detect the makings of a consensus here? It seems that if there’s one thing both left and right can join hands and agree upon, it’s that…black people are scary!

To my mind this suggests a Modest Proposal, a ‘grand bargain’, to resolve the problem of gun control once and for all. Simply, it’s this: 

We modify the Second Amendment to remove the individual right to keep and bear arms, and empower the government to ban guns and disarm citizens by force – but only for black people.

If Sailer is right, the left should be all for this – and once it’s in place – their fears assuaged – will stop agitating for further gun control. Meanwhile if Moore is right, most righty gun nuts should be ok with it too, and – their fears assuaged – will voluntarily disarm over time. Thus this is a Pareto improvement that would actually be stable and have virtuous feedback effects.

As a gun-control opponent, I really can’t imagine what possible objection a gun-control advocate could have.

5 Responses to Gun control modest proposal: just disarm all the blacks

  1. Kid Dynamite says:

    I’m curious as to how many asinine comments you are going to get on this post… hopefully I’ll remember to check back in a few days

  2. sth_txs says:

    Sounds good to me. Let us give it a try. Besides, the hypocrite trash leftist are the most racist people in America anyway.

  3. Steve Johnson says:

    Read your Moldbug – Moore saying that whites want guns because they are scared of blacks isn’t a lament, it’s a boast.

    “We’ve unleashed predators on you and you’re afraid of them” is what he’s saying.

  4. Ian says:

    I would love to see a system with two classes of citizens: (1) people who are positive taxpayers, or at least are not on public assistance, and have no felony convictions, and (2) those on public assistance/not taxpayers, and/or with felony convictions.

    Guns, drugs, and voting would be legal for group #1. They would be illegal for group #2.

    This plan seems simple, obvious, unambiguous, pragmatic, and moral to me. Such a plan would however, of course, never ever be enacted in modern America, because (1) equality is the religion of educated Americans, and a fanatical one for some, and (2) underclass votes are usually indispensable for any Democrats to get elected and for the permanent government bureaucracy to have a veneer of legitimacy. Also, as Steve Johnson says, the elites consider it a feature not a bug that the menace of the armed and dangerous underclass keeps the productive middle-class off kilter and preoccupied.

  5. RPLong says:

    A Facebook friend of mine pointed me to an NYT article written by a historian who tells us that the Founding Fathers actually DID restrict gun ownership for blacks.

    Doomed to repeat it and all of that…

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