Movies are fiction

Spike Lee is undoubtedly correct when he says American slavery was not a Sergio Leone spaghetti western, but it’s a little weird to cite this as a reason not to see Django Unchained. You know what else wasn’t a Sergio Leone spaghetti western? The actual late-1800s American west.

Moreover, two can play this game. The ‘Son of Sam’ serial killings were not a Martin Scorsese streets-of-New-York coming-of-age story, yet that didn’t stop me from watching Summer of Sam. The 9/11 attacks were not a story of regret and goodbyes, yet I still watched 25th Hour (and it was great!)

Does moviemaker Spike Lee understand that these are movies we’re talking about?

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2 Responses to Movies are fiction

  1. Steve Johnson says:

    You know who else doesn’t know that movies are fiction?

    Matt Yglesias – this is why he’s shocked that someone who looks and speaks like Barack Obama isn’t an expert economist. If the Obama administration were a movie Obama would, of course, be an economics expert (as well as a surgeon and skilled computer hacker).

  2. RPLong says:

    Spike Lee is one of those unfortunate artists whose genius in his chosen medium of expression does not extend to other media. I really do think the guy is a genius, but he sure says a lot of kooky stuff.

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