Made-up and, technically, untrue biographical facts about me

I cried like a baby when ‘Old B.O.B.’, the Slim Pickens-voiced robot in Disney’s The Black Hole, died (or whatever happened to him). On my personal top 5 most-poignant cinematic moments list.

I totally know who Taylor Swift is. In fact, I really dig her stuff and think she is very talented at the entertainment-related craft for which she is so famous and well-known (including, of course, by me) that I hear other people saying her name a lot in entertainment-related discussions.

I have received not more than 5 sets of pajamas as Christmas presents in my lifetime. Gotta be less than that.

I’ve read all of the Twilight novels except for the fourth, which I threw down in disgust halfway through due to the shoddy and subpar writing compared to the others.

I hold a Practitioner’s Certificate in Keynesian Economics. It was part of a summer course I took at the Institute.

I have but a mild case of Morgellon’s Syndrome and have spent many the lazy and not-entirely-unpleasant Sunday afternoon idly pulling fibers out of the skin on my forearm. I made a ball out of them.

I’m a lapsed Wiccan. Guess I just became disillusioned by the watered-down and compromised version of Wicca too often practiced today. Call me a traditionalist but I still say they should stick with true Wicca.

You can see me as a kid in the background of one of the scenes near the end of The Goonies (on the beach).

I have shared a nanny with Rush’s Geddy Lee. We did a sort of nanny-share thing together. Worked out fine.

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3 Responses to Made-up and, technically, untrue biographical facts about me

  1. Pastorius says:

    Who is Yggie?

    • Is that like the antithesis of ‘Who is John Galt?’

  2. Ian says:

    They should knock the head off of the new MLK statue on the D.C. mall, and replace it with a statue of your head. On the side, the epitaph could say, “SONIC CHARMER, FUNNIER THAN YOU.”

    (or, if you want to remain anonymous, it could just be a vision of the RWCG masthead, carved into marble)

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