The T&A matrix

I give you without comment the T&A (Tits & Aliens) matrix.


This seems important. I’ll be staring at this for weeks.

(Fuller explanation here.)

UPDATE: You are encouraged to make your own at home. It’s like magic squares or Sudokus.

7 Responses to The T&A matrix

  1. Pastorius says:

    Now that you have created this chart, it is all so clear.

  2. Dave says:

    Species should be on “the Faculty” spot.

    • I considered it for the (3,3) spot but decided I may have exaggerated certain scenes in my memory and wasn’t sure it wasn’t more of a (2,3) like you say. Anyway, it’s a work in progress and further federally-funded research clearly is needed.

  3. Steve Johnson says:

    I see the post in my RSS feed and immediately think “where does Species fit in?” get to the post and someone beat me to it.

    • Again, there are multiple solutions. Somewhere out there is a class of T&A Matrix with (perhaps) (2,3)=Species. Find it!

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