T&A Matrix II

By popular demand, here’s a version of the matrix with Species included.


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10 Responses to T&A Matrix II

  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, waitaminnit waitaminnit…they re-made Wicker Man but without tits??

    And for a much bigger budget, I’m guessing.

    Mind blown. Seriously, there are no words. I think those guys who make the stop-n-go decision to green-light movies, would be better off just flipping a coin or shaking a Magic-8 ball. It doesn’t get much dumber than remaking a movie that had tits in it, without the tits.

    • Or maybe it had some tits, but if it did, I don’t remember them. Possibly cuz the movie stunk so bad. (By some theories, it’s a comedy and intentionally bad.)

      Either way, I rely on my readers to help correct any errors I am making here. It’s collaborative.

      • And…I would. But I see on Netflix it’s not available for instant streaming. The rating is PG-13, which strongly suggests, to me, no tits. I’m afraid the needle on my give-a-damn-meter isn’t jiggling very much here.

        I cannot bring myself to even begin to comprehend the thought process of re-making a titty movie (with Britt Ekland in it, no less) without any tits. Seriously. Flushing the money down the toilet consumes fewer minutes and calories. And they put Nicholas Cage in it too.

        There seems to be a widespread conspiracy taking place here, to suck up our money at the box office for tickets, popcorn and soda, without showing us any tits. This is terrible. It’s not only dumb, it’s diabolical. I struggle to find the sufficiently strong terms with which to condemn it. The English language fails me.

  2. Mike says:

    Hey! The version of The Day of the Jackal I watched has all kinds of tit in it. I know as I watched the movie with my wife and my then 10 year old son.

    Giggled quite a bit during a movie one normally would not giggle through.

    • Hmm. You might be right.

      See, this is why I need readers to add their expertise to this project!

      • Mike says:

        I think you’re testing us to see if we’re paying attention.

        • And….you passed! One gold star to you sir.

  3. Steve Johnson says:

    Lol, “Boys Don’t Cry” better with an alien? Wasn’t that the movie where Hilary Swank played a guy pretending to be a girl (or the other way around?)?

    The funny part is that she looks exactly like Matt Damon with longer hair and giant boobs (apparently they appeared in 2006 though).

    • You saying it wouldn’t have been better with an alien? I really don’t see how an alien couldn’t have improved that film.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        I think I’m saying there might have been an alien in that movie.

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