RWCG’s famous Complete-the-Sentence(TM) challenge

And now it’s time for RWCG’s famous, fun and exciting Complete-the-Sentence™ challenge, where (as always) the challenge is to complete the sentence in an acceptable way.

The sentence:

“Just because you’re gay, doesn’t mean ___________ !”

Have fun!

6 Responses to RWCG’s famous Complete-the-Sentence(TM) challenge

  1. tangentstyle says:

    Early contender for post of the year. Was the aliens/boobs matrix a 2013 post?

  2. RPLong says:

    Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’re Bruce Vilanch.

  3. Fake Herzog says:

    “we want to tar and feather you.”

  4. My Other Fake Name says:

    you want to get married.

  5. My Fake Name says:

    you couldn’t do a girl’s ass, if you had to.

    • +1

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