SeQuest 2013: The worst ‘Washington Monument’ gambit ever

Per Kurowski links to an oh so scary detailing of the cuts that would occur in – in that case – the state of Maryland under ‘Sequestration 2013′. For which I humbly submit the following as the official logo:


Now, maybe it’s just me but it seems the powers that be are really flubbing the Closing-The-Washington-Monument gambit this time around. I mean, I don’t know about you – no seriously, I don’t – but me, I read this list and my thoughts went roughly like this:

“Great! Cool. Good. Sounds good. Awesome. Great…”

And, variations on the above.

After all, the list linked above is almost entirely a list of Money Given To Other People Who Are Not Me Or Mine. I can find virtually no exceptions. Even the stuff that is supposed to ‘benefit me’ in some (very very) diffuse way, doesn’t. IMHO, of course. You can feel free to try to convince me otherwise. You. will. fail.

So, the list of ‘scary cuts’ they’ve cobbled together just isn’t scary. In fact it’s downright amazing. It’s better than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams. It’s warming the cockles of my heart and brightening my day. It’s put a spring in my step and a bee in my bonnet. Is everything about life going to be so different and great from now on?

Worst. Washington Monument gambit. Ever.

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8 Responses to SeQuest 2013: The worst ‘Washington Monument’ gambit ever

  1. Tim says:

    Do you suppose the internet will still work once the sequester happens?

    I don’t know about you, but I’m building my bomb shelter for when the world ends. SeQuest 2013!

    • I hear SeQuest DSV is even better.

  2. Dave says:

    I might be furloughed and I still think the sequester is awesome!

    My great desire is that once all the civil servants get a taste of pain, the unwillingness of government to consider entitlement cuts will decrease.

    • I’ve been in that sort of position many times (rooting for a government policy shift that would technically harm my actual job situation). It’s an odd and not unpleasant feeling, like when you fall asleep with your head on your arm, and it falls asleep, so you wake up and it’s all numb and tingly.

      Sometimes, I don’t exactly know what I’m saying, don’t mind me.

  3. Mike says:

    Prediction: If Dave and his fellow civil servants (and I am stipulating that Dave is a good guy) get furloughed even one day because of SeQuest 2013, they will be paid for the time they were sent home.

    • Maybe. I give it 50/50

    • Dave says:

      Nope. They only pay you back if you were authorized pay, like a budget impasse.

      In the case of the proposed furloughs, they are administrative – your pay is not authorized officially.

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