My Favorite Blog For Wall Street Insight

If you want to keep your fingers to the pulse of what’s really going on with Wall Street, and the Guys Who Know What’s Really Going On On Wall Street, you can go to “The Big Picture” and see WALL STREET GENIUS commentator and big-thinker Barry Ritholtz quote Noam Chomsky.

If you want.

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9 Responses to My Favorite Blog For Wall Street Insight

  1. Chomsky AND Gore Vidal

    • finger on the pulse

      • Dave says:

        Nixon is left of the current mainstream???? Did he champion the gays? How many women were in his cabinet? Was he a fan of communist health care???

        I am scared that someone could believe that the mainstream has been anything other than a leftward rachet for a few hundred years…

        • Me, I’m more scared that a blog dominated by college-sophomore-level blandly lefty musings has such large readership/acclaim for its supposed Wall Street insights. I do recommend keeping up with it don’t get me wrong, both as a barometer of what the average knowier-than-thou Wall Street Guy thinks, and as an antidote to their supposed master-of-the-universe genius.

          • bjk says:

            He had a blog long before everybody else, it wasn’t a bad site a long time ago, as long as he stuck to the stock market. But I’ve noticed that the comments threads are getting shorter, lot more competition out there now. And he’s gotten a little full of himself.

  2. Leonard says:

    Funny. Chomsky sees almost the same thing as Darth Moldbug does, except that Chomsky sees the USA inexorably moving right, whereas Moldbug sees it as moving left.

    Where would Richard Nixon stand on gay marriage? Transexual rights? Feminism? Open borders? And what about Eisenhower?

    • Dave says:

      Yeah that was my point above. I would really like for someone to make the case that Nixon was to the left of Obama.

      • It’s not tremendously hard to make that case, you just mumble something about wage/price controls and the EPA.

        It also doesn’t make for a tremendously interesting discussion, because: having made the point, where do you go from there? if you’re not a college sophomore? (Or a WALL STREET GENIUS?)

        • Dave says:

          Yeah, you are right. In retrospect, my question was an invitation to have a dumb discussion about the dumb ways people label ideas.

          With respect to Ritholtz, I put him in the same category as Jeff Sachs in this joint interview with Hugh Hendry (2:36):

          “If Jeffery is wrong, he will survive in tenure. If I’m wrong, I’ll go bankrupt. Who do you want to bet with?”

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