Like A Spider Dream

So they say that KSM was waterboarded 183 times according to a 2003 memo. I can only cite Harry Callahan: I’m all broken up about that man’s rights.

Underappreciated nowadays: Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Speaking of which, here’s a fairly convincing political interpretation of that great film. I would say it more simply, that the film is a parable of the dangers of maturity transformation. As everyone knows, Mary Poppins is a parable about a father (and especially mother, I would say) who need to pay more attention to their kids. So why is maturity transformation to blame? Well: The father (literally, since he’s a banker) and mother (metaphorically, by foisting the kids on nannies so she can be a suffragette for the voting rights of hypothetical future women) are both involved in borrowing short and lending long, and the children, who feel the stress, call in Mary Poppins – whom we may as well call a “Black Swan” – to stage a run on the bank (figuratively as well as literally). Ok, I just made most of that up, but it sounds at least 45% correct and I bet I could clean it up if I needed to write a real essay about it.

I think it’s healthiest at this point to just view Barack Obama’s Presidency as a form of performance art. Just one of the many advantages of this point of view is that, as with most performance art, once you figure out what it is, you can stop paying attention. (I certainly have.)

I’m not a huge aficionado of standup comics/comedy so it’s weird that I know this, but the ‘cool’ comics and comedy fans hate Dane Cook. Part of this is the valid gripe that he may have stolen others’ material. But, I caught part of his act channel-surfing, and it didn’t strike me as significantly worse than whatever Janeane Garofalo or David Cross or Sarah Silverman (you know, the ‘cool’ comedians) do. Basically the same in fact, with the added compliment that he struck me as a talented performer (even if his material was stolen – which if it was, would not speak all that highly of whoever he stole it from, cuz it was the same dirty self-centered humor you can hear anywhere). So why then the backlash against Dane Cook? I think it’s just cuz of who he is, his persona, what he looks like. He’s more like a fratboy than a hipster; he’s not angst-ridden, he’s not ‘alternative’. So the ‘cool’ comedians look down on him. How dare he invade their hip little circle! This leads me to believe that much of the comedy world is stuck in a high school mentality. P.S. Dane Cook was very good in that Kevin Costner serial-killer movie by the way (the name of the movie escapes me).

Finally, what is “Like a spider dream” you ask? Well as you’ll recall, that’s the part of the song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” that comes after “Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily”. Well, at least according to my 4 year old…

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The name of the Kevin Costner/Dane Cook movie is “Mr. Brooks”. Have a great day.

Comment by Sandy

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