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April 25, 2009, 1:43 pm
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  • “What if God was one of us”, as sung by….Rivers Cuomo. With ‘Dwight Schrute’ from The Office on drums for some reason:
  • Netflix calculator showing whether you’re saving money. Supposedly I’ve saved hundreds of dollars. This calculation of course overstates your “savings”, because it misses the fact that without having Netflix I probably never would’ve trudged to a video store at all just to rent, say, Final Destination (which was not bad BTW).
  • Byron York, in a deliciously nasty and passive-aggressive little article, ‘asks a friend’ why is the left so angry:

    Watching Garofalo and Olbermann discuss the tea parties, it was impossible to avoid the sense that they saw themselves as two good people talking about many bad people. “One of the things about narcissism is that it looks like people who are just proud of themselves and smug, but in fact narcissism is a very brittle and unstable state,” Anderson told me. “People who are deeply invested in narcissism spend an awful lot of energy trying to maintain the illusion they have of themselves as being powerful and good, and they are exquisitely sensitive to anything that might prick that balloon.”

  • On a related note, it turns out that the more highly you think of yourself, the less altruistic you are. Put these two bullet points together – the left is deeply invested in high self-image, and people with high self-image are less altruistic – and you can explain all sorts of phenomena. (For one thing, now I understand why high-ranking lefties don’t have to pay their taxes.)
  • Ezra Klein laments bad news for the Geithner plan in the fact that these stupid TALF/TARP/CRAP ‘programs’ for ‘getting credit flowing again’ don’t actually seem to work as planned, because nobody trusts the government not to change the rules on them or pull the rug out from under them. (Turns out market participants don’t like that – go figure!) This is “bad news” for the Geithner plan and for people like Ezra Klein who like the Geithner plan (or at least, who assume they like the Geithner plan because Geithner works for Obama and everything Obama does or proposes is automatically correct). Of course a better way to phrase all this, in my opinion, would be to call it good news, for people with sense and an attachment to reality.
  • Robert Higgs asks why do progressives love trains? Me I don’t find it so mysterious. Consider:
    • getting plebes into trains will free up the roads for progressives who really need them.
    • trains = predictable masses of people packed into tubes. This cries out for ‘planning’, for roles of power in conducting other peoples’ lives and movements, which is what all ‘progressives’ crave.
    • plebes reliant on trains for commute have to live close enough to train stations to make it work. More opportunities for ‘planning’ the housing for plebes and packing them into smaller spaces. This also frees up land for progressives – their estates, their backpacking trips, etc.
    • plebes reliant on trains can’t go places the trains don’t go (like, say you want to stop off at a store that’s somewhat out of the way on your way home, or something – forget it). ‘Progressives’ live in constant fear of plebes doing things the planners didn’t anticipate. Trains reduce that possibility manifold.

    So really, if you’re a run-of-the-mill ‘progressive’, what’s not to like?

  • Finally a fascinating post from a Google employee who claims to have been working on a project he refers to as ‘engineering a healthier diet’. So many things wrong here I don’t know where to begin. Let’s just stick with the fact that the whole project is based on the fact that Google cafes color-code their food red/yellow/green supposedly based on “healthfulness”. But who calculated or determined that “healthfulness”? The Google employee doesn’t know & just takes it for granted. Ever heard the phrase “garbage in-garbage out”? Not this Google engineer, who just ignores that issue & proceeds with the “awk script”, the “formula to perceptually classify the colors (by hue angle)”, the “well-structured HTML with CSS classes applied to each menu item”…i.e., the software-engineer masturbation. The result is…what? Various stats and filters regarding how “healthy” cafes are based on….color codes.

    Which…again…were based on what?

    Reminds me of this article on the engineering mentality at Google. Remember folks, he’s doing all this on Google time. This is what he works on at work. At Google.

    I just wonder if there is really a place for this sort of thing in a declining economy. Can we really afford to keep supporting this person’s “job”? Yet he posts this all on Google’s own blog and seems quite pleased with himself. Almost enough to just make me want to go out and short Google stock right now.

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The video of Rivers Cuomo singing One of Us (one of my favorite songs) was good. They did a good job.

By the way, the answer to the question posed in the song is …

He Was, Is And Will Forever Be.

Comment by Pastorius


Comment by Pastorius

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