Although my official position on the ‘Ground Zero mosque’ controversy (I still feel like it should be considered the ‘couple blocks away from Ground Zero mosque’, but ok) is that property owners should have the right to dispose of their property how they wish, that doesn’t prevent me from pointing out things that bother me about the ‘pro’ side of the argument.

While my defense of the right to have a mosque there is rooted in a simple belief in property and religious rights, most of the ‘pro mosque’ faction has no such belief, and are utterly contemptible hypocrites. Yes they may say – as a tactical argument – ‘they should have the right to build that mosque and how can you violate those rights!’, but theirs is a truly selective application of ‘rights’, rooted primarily in a desire to piss off anyone on the right. It’s fairly safe to say that New York City has a labyrinthine, octopus-armed spiderweb of regulations, codes, and sub rosa bribery agreements that in any situation could be selectively and prejudicially successfully brought to bear against any given building or establishment or endeavor or gathering or club or group. If the folks in power wanted to, you see.

Like, if there were a conservative church (one that, say, strictly opposed gay marriage and abortion) being built there, and the Smart People chose to fight and prevent it, they’d find a way, somehow – some stupid nit-picky regulation or a sympathetic judge – and you can rest assured that in the ensuing controversy, our current pro-mosque faction’s ‘principled defense of rights’ would be nowhere to be found in the equation. For most involved in this dispute, this isn’t about principles at all, it’s just about pissing off and scoring one against the hated tribe (that is to say, conservatives, and more broadly, anyone who saw 9/11 as an affront to our national honor rather than deserved national punishment). It’s not even clear to me why the builders/congregation of the mosque themselves find it so important to build a mosque there, and I don’t for one second assume that spite plays no role (although again, I support that right).

A broader problem with the pro-mosque faction is that I see it has reverted to the classic leftist tactic of extortion-by-proxy. Extortion-by-proxy (“do as I say, or those folks over there will kill you”) is the favorite tactic of physical cowards, and physical cowardice is surely one of the defining attributes of lefty Smart People. It’s one thing for the imam of the mosque to say “if you don’t let us build it, there will be violence”. At least he’s part of that “us”. When a lefty says the same thing – “yeah, we need to let them do it, or they’ll resort to violence” – he’s attempting extortion-by-proxy. He doesn’t have the balls to engage in violence himself, but he wants to win the battle, so he harnesses some violent group as his convenient useful-idiot-foot-soldiers.

The irony is that when Smart People use this tactic, they are both acknowledging that they have no argument (extortion is not a form of argument) and that they don’t actually believe in the equality and brotherhood principles that they claim to. To (implicitly) say that Muslims are a mass of uncontrollable Orcs prone to snap violence if they don’t get their way is not an assertion of Muslims’ equality, it is an assertion of Muslims’ inferiority – indeed, their subhumanity. If this is truly what all the smart lefties believe, they are Islamophobes indeed. And if I believed lefty Smart People when they made these claims in their extortion-by-proxy attempts, I would have to consider “Islam” to be a cult/protection racket, and wouldn’t favor allowing the Ground Zero mosque to be built in a zillion years.

Yet, I do.

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Best analysis of this circus that I’ve read yet. Maybe because I agree with you 100%.

Comment by Ammonium Nitrate

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