The Palin Freakout
September 26, 2010, 1:50 pm
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For someone with such strong political views, it’s really quite shocking how little I actually pay attention to the daily ins and outs of political battles. So-and-so won a primary, who cares. Wake me when something actually happens.

But one thing that does always grab my attention (because it’s so good for a belly laugh) is that most recent of political phenomena, the Palin Freakout. This is when some politician rises to prominence on the right, and the lefties freak out because

  • the politician mentions religion, or
  • the politician is so against taxes that they get, like, exercised over it, or
  • the politician doesn’t seem to be in love with all gay people sight-unseen, or
  • the politician doesn’t speak like she’s in a Harvard social-issues seminar, or
  • the politician is just generally unhip, or
  • the politician is named Sarah Palin (i.e. all of the above).

Recently I started seeing signs that a new Palin Freakout was underway, this time centered on a lady named O’Donnell (I think). Instinctively, and reflexively, I started to get excited: this should be good for some chuckles. A year from now are we going to start seeing tell-all, ‘scary’ expose’s about O’Donnell (I think that’s her name) in all the Barnes & Nobles just in time for Christmas? You betcha!

Hilarious. For people so smart and correct about everything, and confident about their smartness and correctness, lefties sure scare easily, don’t they? All it takes is some broad, somewhere, in some position of even the most lowliest of prominence, who publicly gives signs that she doesn’t want taxes or abortions to increase, and lefties across the nation soil their pants at the inevitable theocratic anti-feminist fascism they are sure it foretells.

I have to admit though that this one is a bit weirder than Palin. Palin, say what you want about her, was just minding her own business as an Alaska politician before the McCain pick put her in the national spotlight. This O’Donnell dame is something else entirely, and I’m not sure what. For reasons that escape me now, I actually used to watch that TV show Politically Incorrect quite a bit back in the ’90s. Since the setup of the show was (typically) Maher and three lefties beating down a hand-picked righty punching-bag, who that punching-bag was was usually pretty memorable, especially if he/she seemed to hold up fairly well under pressure. And I did remember one girl in particular, a youngish girl who mentioned experimenting with witchcraft, in a she-did-ok-I-wonder-where-she-is-now sort of way.

So when I started seeing headlines (I still haven’t read a single full-length story about this stupid race, thank goodness) suggesting that O’Donnell ‘admitted to dabbling in witchcraft back in the ’90s’, something clicked in my brain:

“Oh no. She’s not actually that chick who was on Politically Incorrect a few times, is she?”

Yes, she is. Hilarious! I had no idea.

Now, the point of this post is not that I’m full-on in the O’Donnell camp. Looking over her wiki page, there does seem to be a lot of things that are iffy about her. Lawsuits left and right, for starters. (I’m working on this theory that there are basically people who get involved in lawsuits – who see lawsuits as a normal thing to try in life – and people who don’t, and the former cause like a hugely disproportionate chunk of society’s problems. For example, I really just can’t see myself getting involved in some lawsuit, deciding to ‘sue’ somebody or something. It would really take a lot….)

But anyway, O’Donnell, whatever her merits or lack thereof, is clearly the Palin-Freakout subject of the moment. And it’s always good for some entertainment, to see who the lefties consider a boogeyman. Which, I just remembered the other headlines about her – that she’s “against masturbation”! And the left FREAKS OUT!!

Hi-larious. :)

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