Sonic’s Guide to 2010 in FILM
December 21, 2010, 2:12 pm
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Roger Ebert’s 10-best of 2010 is out, and there’s exactly one film on it that I have actually seen (Inception), which was not a good movie.

But this reminded me of my longstanding bloggy tradition (going back even to other fake personalities besides this one) to list the Best Films Of The Year (That I Have Seen). So without further ado, and with a little help from IMDB’s advanced-search feature, here’s the list for 2010:

Best Films Of 2010 (That I Have Seen)

Let’s just go ahead and list all of them. Ordering – best to worst.

  1. Toy Story 3 – Fantastic.
  2. How To Train Your Dragon – Surprisingly good.
  3. Kick-Ass – I keep saying I’m not a fan of comic-book movies, and then I keep liking them. (See also, Iron Man 2)
  4. Tangled – A not-bad-at-all and sometimes-very-nice Disney CGI cartoon.
  5. Iron Man 2 – (See also, Kick-Ass)
  6. The Book Of Eli – Kinda works but basically feels like a made-for-Sci-Fi-channel TV movie.
  7. Alice In Wonderland – Ok but forgettable.
  8. The Runaways – A mixed bag.
  9. The Crazies – Don’t remember why I watched this neo-zombies movie. Maybe because of Timothy Olyphant from Deadwood & Justified. But it was actually ok.
  10. Shutter Island – Whatever. I am tired of Martin Scorsese movies with Leo Dicaprio.
  11. Inception – Not great.
  12. The Expendables – Disappointingly bad.

Hmm, that took longer than I figured, when I started it I expected it to be like 4 movies. Looking at the above here’s a simple algorithm for figuring out whether I’ve seen a movie – just decide whether the answer to any of these is ‘yes':

Is it a CGI kids’ cartoon? Is it a comic-book adaptation? Is it a rock biopic? Does it have Stallone, Denzel, Olyphant, or someone else manly? Or (conversely) does it have Leonardo DiCaprio?

I think that covers it.

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but did you like Memento?
Otherwise hearing u didn’t like Inception tells little.

Comment by Anon

Yes, I loved it.

Hope that helps,

Comment by Sonic Charmer

Yeah :(

Comment by Anon

You know one thing that really bugged me about Inception? The ‘snowy mountain fortress assault’ scene.

It was just done so much better in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service that it made me wish I was watching that, instead. Plus, Diana Rigg.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

I thought Alice in Wonderland was Tim Burton’s best movie.

Comment by Pastorius

Just looked at his IMDB page. I think I agree with you. (Not that it’s saying much.)

Comment by Sonic Charmer

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