January 7, 2011, 4:14 am
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Out of ideas, so you know what that means. Links!

  • The War On Math, Fearsome Tycoon. HT Fourth Checkraise.
  • Steve Sailer has a fairly-convincing theory regarding what foreign language parents want their kids to study, drawing on his own biography:

    My parents engaged in the same kind of discussion as this in 1972 when my mom wanted me to take French in high school and my father wanted me to take Spanish, which he argued, like Kristoff in 2010, was more practical.

    I suspect the debate was basically about where my parents would like to go on vacations. My mom liked Europe because it was classy, while my father liked Latin America because it was cheap.

  • Eric Falkenstein on the rise of Ezra Klein.
  • Arnold Kling says:

    Instead of encouraging employer-provided health insurance, I would say that we should outlaw it. Instead of outlawing bare-bones catastrophic health insurance for individuals and households, I say we should encourage it.

  • Dr. Frank on bowdlerization of literature. (He’s against it.)
  • Aretae points out that the Iraq/WMD issue has been resolved. (In the affirmative.)
  • Seventeen ways of criticizing Inception. That few??

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“Seventeen ways of criticizing Inception. That few??”


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