We Should Cease The Ongoing Military Operations In Afghanistan And Iraq
March 7, 2011, 12:50 am
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Longtime voracious consumers of the Sonic Charmer ouevre know that my official position is that “The Iraq War” (tm/2003) concluded in 2004 with the capture of Saddam Hussein. I haven’t taken a particular interest in our troop presence there since then, except to the extent that I found it necessary and entertaining to make fun of all the people who were continually whining about it (when the President still had an (R) after his name).

Meanwhile, my only real position on the Afghanistan mission was that it took us waaay too long (following 9/11) to initiate it, and that I would have preferred a declaration of war. After we invaded, I haven’t really paid much attention. But I do know that the troop presence has been nine years and counting.

Anyway, the only reason I haven’t written this before is that it hasn’t occurred to me, since these places haven’t been much in the news, but: it’s become obvious to me that the troop presences in those places are serving no actual purpose at this point, and meanwhile, we are in a recession and clearly have budget problems in our future one way or another, and so, if it were up to me I would cease all military operations and presences in both Afghanistan and Iraq and eliminate all related budgetary items.

Have a nice day.

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We need to get back to the immediate carpet bombing from a distance of places that harm us at home. Back to the “More rubble, less trouble” approach. These long sojourns are a losing proposition.

Comment by vanderleun

The analogy here is dating an attractive, psychotic woman. You get in because it seemed like the thing to do at the time, but there comes a point when you realize you have to go, and you hang on a while longer dreading the fuss and baggage of a breakup.

We are compelled to disrupt the big time terrorist groups, but this has come to include nation building in Afghanistan, probably the most thankless task on the planet. We can’t pull out until we can keep tabs on the bad guys, or have someone we trust keeping tabs.

Comment by rightsaidfred

It seems to me that the current president got into office by promising, among other things, to bring the troops home and show up those mean old warmongering Republicans. There was no mention of the need for “nation-building” in Afghanistan or anywhere else; that was supposed to be Bush’s shtick. So what happened? I mean, it’s not like the antiwar leftists who supported Obama have changed their minds or anything; as far as I know they still think we shouldn’t be there. But it seems like other issues have eclipsed the Middle East in importance — for example, making sure public school teachers in Wisconsin don’t get their free bennies taken away. What color ribbon do teachers’ union supporters paste on their cars over the yellow “Bring Our Troops Home” ones?

Comment by Andrea Harris

The issue that eclipsed the Middle East in importance was the President not having a (D) after his name. Note that as soon as that issue was addressed, in November 2008, Iraq/Afghanistan suddenly dropped off the lefty radar.

Comment by Sonic Charmer


If I thought ‘someone we trust keeping tabs’ were a plausible end state of the strategy path we have chosen to follow, I wouldn’t have written this post.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

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