Calling All Lefties: Open Letter
March 18, 2011, 9:17 pm
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Dear Matthew Yglesias, Ezra Klein, Juan Cole, Brian Leiter, Prof. Dr. Duncan “Atrios” Black, Joshua Micah Joshua Micha Marshall, J. Bradford J. Delong, Kevin Drum, “Kos”, and other professional bloggers of conscience,

Dear Jon Stewart, Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Cindy Sheehan, Jesse Jackson, Rosie O’Donnell, and other celebrities of conscience,

Dear Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hedges, Paul Krugman (or whoever actually writes the New York Times column under that name), Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and other journalists of conscience,

and Dear any other principled, consistently anti-war lefties I may have missed,

As you may observe from the public record, the United States is pursuing hostility and war ‘On’ ™ a Sovereign MENA country that has done nothing to us in over a decade. There is no Smoking Gun ™ evidence of any Imminent Threat ™ toward us on their part, which (I point out, given that, I gather, you are all Catholics) is a clear requirement of Catholic Just War Theory ™.

This small, Oil-rich nation, which we have tangled with and harassed before (does our President have psychological reasons for pursuing this?), has announced a ceasefire and stated its intention to comply with all relevant UN resolutions. The opposition is fragmented and tribal loyalties dominate, meaning that even if we succeed in ousting the current leader, all that may accomplish would be to take the country to the Brink ™ of a Civil War, requiring an occupation in a murky society where we are not wanted. This will, if anything, Create Terrorists ™ and not Make Us Safer ™ at all.

Yet our President continues his Rush To War ™, with no apparent Exit Strategy ™ or consideration of the possibility that it becomes a Quagmire ™, costing us untold Blood And Treasure ™.

Oddly, I don’t believe I have heard from any of you about any of this. Where are you?

Is your Dissent being Crushed ™?


Sonic Charmer

P.S. Also, there’s no proof that Qaddafi had anything to do with 9/11.

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So many talking points to respond to, so little time. I’ll just focus on this one:

“has announced a ceasefire and stated its intention to comply with all relevant UN resolutions”

Gaddafi seems to have learned diplomacy from Sid Meier’s Civilization, because the instant those words left his mouth, his forces resumed butchering people all across Libya. But I’ll give him this much: he probably said it because he knew it would be used in the way you’ve used it :P

But you definitely are getting at something. Would I support this if McCain were in office? I suspect so, but could that be cognitive dissonance? Why are rightwingers so opposed to the intervention in Libya? It’s far more justified than the Iraq debacle, the complaints are always of the above form (mock anti-Iraq protests), and I have trouble understanding why you’d be opposed other than purely out of spite against Obama. If it’s the latter case, I think it’d be more effective to roast Obama for waffling as much as he did and not intervening sooner.

Comment by Xamuel

the instant those words left his mouth, his forces resumed butchering people all across Libya.

You say that as if you have that actual knowledge. Not that I don’t agree that Qaddafi Is A Bad Man. But where is the Smoking Gun?

This is not something you know. This is not something you can possibly know. Are your assumptions, perhaps, blinded by racism?

Why are rightwingers so opposed to the intervention in Libya?

Who? What rightwingers? I don’t have the impression that rightwingers are hugely opposed to it. (If I count as a ‘rightwinger’, I haven’t said I’m opposed to it here.)

It’s far more justified than the Iraq debacle,


If it’s the latter case, I think it’d be more effective to roast Obama for waffling as much as he did and not intervening sooner.

Well that is indeed a component of my critique.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

Astonishingly good and tight juxtaposition. There are too many examples provided here to dismiss this as a reductio ad absurdam argument. A truly concise demand for intellectual honesty. What a shame you will never receive a genuine response.

Comment by The Czar of Muscovy

Is your Dissent being Crushed ™?



Why are rightwingers so opposed to the intervention in Libya? It’s far more justified than the Iraq debacle

I’m not really a “right winger” other than in the “I’m not a left winger” sense, but OK, I’ll play!

How about because they haven’t been shooting at us every day for ten years?

You’re welcome.

Comment by Borepatch


Comment by Mark

Why are rightwingers so opposed to the intervention in Libya?

Because we may well be becoming the Air Force for al Quaeda/Muslim Brotherhood/Iran. Unless you have some evidence of exactly who we are jumping in to assist.

It’s far more justified than the Iraq debacle,

All right, then, justify it. Why are we there? To help some self-defined ‘rebels,’ cause unknown?

Comment by nickless

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As someone who used to be one of the biggest hawks around, I am surprised to find myself not 100% this military adventurism, for most of the reasons you outlined. It’s not that I am against us blowing things up in Libya…I’m not just not really all that behind it…mostly for the reason of ‘why’?

Yes, Moammar cracked down awfully hard on some protests…so did Patton and Pershing back in the day. As far as I know, it is not like he is wholesale butchering the Kurds, or anything like that…and maybe I am just ignant, but I am really interested in learning more about the ‘rebel forces’ than just ‘Oh they are are against Moammar, so backing them must be the right thing to do’.

My final objection is just one of reality…I hope the U.S. does not expose itself on the edge of weakness during this. I keep hearing this cruise missile strike is just the first phase of an operation…but I fear it’s the only stage left for right now, because the cupboard is almost bare. It’s not like we have a lot of ground forces sitting around, eager to jump back into the frying pan.

The post-Reagan draw-downs were aimed at us being able to handle a major-conflict and two ‘brush-fire’ type things…I am pretty sure we have drawn down even more, and an ‘overwhelming technological advantage’ can only bail us out so long.

Then there is the pure cost…The Tomahawks launched are already paid’s kind of like can rotation in my pantry…but the cost to replace what we used is roughly $62 MILLION. Looks like we are getting another stimulus package, after all.

Comment by Greg Levy

What a great people those Americans once were:

Comment by icr

Sonic Charmer, reading your paean to Yglasias et al, makes me wonder:

How dare you question their patriotism™?

Comment by Borepatch

Keep speaking truth to power!

Comment by Tam

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Well said. And well trademarked.

Comment by Farmee

Come on over to Irregular Times, and you’ll see us Lefties have been speaking out about this rushed Libya war from the start. Over at too.

By the way, it’s a Lefty, Dennis Kucinich, who is introducing legislation to removing funding from the war.

And, why hasn’t Righty leader John Boehner reconvened Congress this week, so that Congress can take its constitutionally-required vote? Is his vacation, I mean, district work session, too important?

Comment by J. Clifford

I’m increasingly baffled by these repeated citations of Dennis Kucinich as if that single example invalidates my point.

Thanks for the linkes to the websites. Let me know when/where the protests start.

Don’t know how to answer your question about John Boehner (or, why). You must have mistaken my post for being one that somehow praises (R)s for something. Can’t fathom why.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

Okay, you don’t want just a single example. I understand that. Let me give you another example – a letter signed by four of the most liberal U.S. Representatives in opposition to Obama’s unconstitutional evasion of the power of Congress.

Protests today are taking place in three U.S. cities. See:

There were protests against the unconstitutional entry of the U.S. into the Libyan civil war in four different U.S. cities yesterday. Tomorrow, yet more protests are planned in yet other cities. It’s a Left organization that’s organizing these protests.

Comment by J. Clifford

Okay. So. The number of people protesting is not zero. Was that your point? (How were the protests today, BTW? Can’t find anything about them in the news.)

I don’t think it’s really debatable that, in overall quantity and tenor, anti-Libya-action sentiment, rhetoric, and hand-wringing does not begin to approach that which we saw for the Iraq invasion. But, let me know if you genuinely dispute that.

Also the fact that it’s the ‘most liberal [sic, leftist]’ folks protesting doesn’t rebut my point. If the average leftist were protesting, that would rebut my point; if it’s only the far left wing doing any protesting, that is totally consistent with my point.


Comment by Sonic Charmer

[…] really believed used only for cheerleading purposes, and sheer self-contradiction if not naked hypocrisy to hide the embarrassingly ignorant, self-serving, and juvenile motivations behind the stances […]

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