Libya: The Questions Just Keep Coming
March 20, 2011, 11:31 pm
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Hey could someone refresh my memory, what exactly was President Obama’s Case For War™?

Also, when was the Run-Up To The War™? Did I miss it? (I had been given to understand that the Run-Up To™ was now an official part of the process for any war)

What about Our Allies™ (which, as I recall, denotes these three countries: ‘France, Germany, and Belgium’). France is obviously on board here but Germany still is not. Doesn’t that in and of itself automatically render the war invalid?

Also, it’s great and all that the UN voted on a resolution over the thing. But doesn’t one always need a Second Resolution™?

By the way, has President Obama polled all living current and former generals as to how many Boots On The Ground™ they think we might need there, and sent precisely that number? If not why not, doesn’t that make him irresponsible?

Are we ensuring the protection of all Museums With Priceless Treasures™ in Libya? Are you sure?

Who is Counting The Civilian Casualties there? Will there be a Lancet Study?

Was Joe Wilson sent over there to drink sweet mint tea with some dudes and check into everything, to report his expert findings back to us in a NY Times op-ed? Don’t you have to do that before every war now?

Finally, isn’t this a War Of Choice™? Again, doesn’t that automatically invalidate it?

I could go on and on. But I don’t want to just be all negative here. So let me look on the bright side: At least President Obama didn’t Lie Us Into War™. Come to think of it, he didn’t anything us into war. He just kinda did it, didn’t he?

Well, whatever. Let’s hope it works out.

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Run-up? That’s for basketball: up-court – don’t the Fab-Four (whatever) bracket-picks count? Otherwise he takes a golf cart: *whirrr*… One does NOT run on a golf course, it’s un-dignified.

Comment by DirtCrashr

His case for war? It’s quite simple. His buddies in the muslim brotherhood were losing.

Comment by ck

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