Libya V
March 24, 2011, 4:42 am
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More for you lefties:

Has President Obama declared upfront how much this will cost in total when all is said and done? If no: doesn’t that make the action invalid, given that my understanding is (starting in the early ’00s) it’s now a rule that for every military action one is supposed to fully budget in advance for all possible contingencies? If yes: doesn’t that make him a Liar, since no one can possibly know how much a military action, with all the unknowable contingencies it involves, will cost in advance?

Aren’t there Other Bad Men™ in the world besides Qaddafi? Like, what about Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan. The guy who you pretended to be really concerned about for about 13 seconds in 2004 because he boiled people to death? He’s still there! (Also Kim Jong Il, etc.) Doesn’t that mean we can’t attack Qaddafi? Why aren’t you talking more about Islam Karimov like you were in 2004?

Is this, provably and incontrovertibly, the Right War At The Right Place At The Right Time™? Have you checked? All three? Have you done a thorough optimizer search of all possible Wars, Places, and Times, to verify that ‘this war’, ‘Libya’, ‘now’ came out on top?

Sorry, I just can’t resist. It’s just too much fun to illustrate just how fucking stupid 99% of the anti-Iraq-war rhetoric truly was.

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As I read, I keep thinking, “YES!!!” Well said, yet again :-)

Comment by AussieAlaskan

It’s not that the anti-war arguments are stupid, it’s that many of the liberals who claimed to hold those arguments on principled grounds have shown themselves to be just as much partisan shysters as the neocons were when Bush was sending Americans halfway around the world to die for bogus reasons.

Comment by Frank Stein

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