Why Are People Just Now Noticing That Mitt Romney Was Associated With A Private Equity Fund?

A brief scan of Mitt Romney’s wiki reveals that he first entered politics in a meaningful way in 1994, running for the U.S. Senate (and losing). Later, in 2002, he ran for Governor of a state, and served 4 years in that capacity, from 2002-2006. He also ran for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008.

The left has, just now, in 2012, figured out that he used to work for & run Bain Capital (from 1984-1999). This is evidently news to everyone because in none of Mitt Romney’s prior entries into politics, for the past 18 years, did anyone feel the need to have gigantic discussions about Bain Capital and what it did under Mitt Romney, but now they all suddenly do.

So a natural question arises, which is why didn’t the left figure out that Mitt Romney used to work for Bain Capital, and get this discussion out of their system, in 1994? Why do we have to hear this discussion suddenly now, in 2012?

I hate elections.

UPDATE: It occurs to me that my point here may not be entirely clear through my sarcasm (even less so than usual). My point is this: the ‘Bain Capital’ discussion is patently insincere. None of the people suddenly feigning righteous moral outrage at what Bain Capital does genuinely feels that way or felt that way before figuring out that a guy who came from there is 99+% likely to be (R) nominee. Most of them would in fact be quite proud, and brag to all their friends, if their Dalton- or Sidwell Friends-educated child graduated from Princeton to an analyst position at Bain Capital. And if the (D) nominee had come from Bain Capital, most of them would, now, be citing that role as a core strength of the candidate, as indicative of tremendous business acumen.

So what I hate about elections is the fact that they bring out this transparent insincerity in people. It’s ugly and depressing.

UPDATE 2: Prediction: within the next month or so there will have been more handwringing discussion, net-net, of ‘Bain Capital’ and of ‘the role of private-equity funds in our society’ in the media than there has ever been, still, of just whatever the heck Barack Obama did, produced, worked on, or achieved during that time period he was (purportedly) employed with the job title of ‘Community Organizer’ [sic].

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It seems to me that you’re describing a general facet of the modern elite, not anything specific to elections. The Elite are ELITE – they are successful and understand the routes to wealth, power and fame in America.

But there is a religious requirement for membership in the Elite, and for aspirants thereto. They must engage in constant signaling, demonstrating their devotion and ostentatious belief in whatever fanciful subject comes up in the weekly sermon.

So this week Bain Capital shows up the daily 2 minute hate. Don’t worry, it’s such a popular episode they’re sure to rerun it a few times before November.

Comment by SkepticalCynical

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