Link Purge
February 9, 2012, 8:33 pm
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Be warned – this round of links finds me agreeing with a lot of lefties on a lot of stuff.

  • Ezra Klein is absolutely right when he says, “If and when Romney cinches the nomination, Republicans will rally to his candidacy, and we’ll quickly forget this odd period where a few conservative activists pined for a white knight to rescue their party.” Reminder, I support Mitt Romney to be the next President. In a way I consider this just being ahead of my time, skipping ahead to the final chapter if you will. (In which he loses the general election to Obama.)
  • I felt a certain sense of closure to learn when Ice Cube’s “good day” was, but then had the rug pulled out from under me as it turns out to have been a whole different day.
  • Darshak Sanghavi says health care is already socialized. Of course I agree. So basically, the pre-Obamacare system, which lefties have a litany of complaints about, is socialist. Glad we, er, agree then.
  • Although I was amused by Arnold Kling’s theory of why businesses hire consultants, I have a different experience of them than he does. In my experience, consultants are people who get paid millions of dollars to come in after you’ve already done all the work, and then ask you to, like, fill out a spreadsheet or form detailing the stuff you did. The consultant (I presume) puts that information and perhaps some summary statistics in a PowerPoint, which he presents to more senior people, who nod their heads and tick off whatever box it was that suggested a consultant be hired to get the stuff done (that you had already done). Admittedly, this experience may be atypically narrow.
  • Thanks to Belle Waring, I now know about go-go music.
  • I agree with Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry that voting on the issues is stupid.
  • Via Slashdot, when it comes to school quality, some guy in Wired says “Test scores and student/teacher ratio are nearly meaningless.” I got excited – scientific confirmation of one of my half-baked blog theories? – but then I read the article and it turns out he comes to this conclusion by making up three other statistics and calling them better. Note, no objective metric of what makes a school good/bad is proposed in the process.
  • Glenn Greenwald is certainly correct when he points out that much of the left moved from pretending to be horrified by [Guantanamo/civil liberties violations/etc] when done under Bush to tolerating them or even supporting them when done by Obama. Key word being ‘pretending’. Congratulations, Glenn, you’ve caught up to where I got to almost ten years ago. Maybe you should start a tongue-in-cheek blog making fun of lefty hypocrisy and phoniness or something.

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