The Fair Jonathan Chait
April 26, 2012, 7:46 am
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I’ve written before that Romney’s critics invariably come up with critiques that only end up making me like Romney more than previously did – which admittedly is a bar that didn’t start out very high, and still isn’t.  But anyway, on that note here’s Jonathan Chait with the latest entry:

He believes that fairness is defined by market outcomes. If Romney earns a thousand times as much as a nurse in Topeka, it is solely because his character, education, or hard work entitle him to that. To the extent that unfairness exists, it is solely the doing of government: clean energy, laws permitting union dues, overpaid government employees, and so on. Aside from unfairness imposed by government, poverty is attributable to the bad choices or deficient character or upbringing of poor people.

Wow!  That’s actually what Romney believes?  Sign me up!  This guy just keeps getting better and better.

Alas, Chait backs away in the very next paragraph:

Now I doubt that Romney actually believes the full implications of this, even though many Republicans certainly do.

Argh!  Talk about a bait and switch.  

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