Shut Up, Stephen King
May 1, 2012, 7:26 pm
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So James Kwak (like Stephen King) ‘wants his tax bill to go up’.

Let’s just cut to the chase: anytime you hear someone say ‘I want my taxes to go up’, what you should be hearing is, ‘I’m so wealthy and comfortable enough that I could totally pay more taxes without any hardship. What about you, eh? Eh?’

In other words, these pampered, wealthy fuckers are bragging to the rest of us. Showing off their wealth and status, just to rub our noses in it. ‘Raise my taxes, please’ is a cheap, particularly tactless, form of conspicuous consumption. If you feel the need to show off your wealth why don’t you just buy a fucking Porsche, James Kwak. Stephen King? Buy another damn jet or something.

Well guess what, I’m not wealthy or comfortable enough that I wouldn’t notice my taxes going up. Here’s the lowdown: after taxes – which probably ate up 50% of my income give or take – given cost of living, I probably had a net loss of wealth last year. And yet here’s Stephen King running around saying he can totally afford to pay more, no prob, he’d be totally cool with that. James Kwak, ‘please double my taxes’.

Seriously, shut the fuck up, you rich braggards. I get that your lives are comfortable and free from financial concern. Message received. Now please just shut. the. fuck. up.

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This is like one of are best blog posts ever.

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