May 3, 2012, 9:32 pm
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Should we be disturbed by the frequency of Spider-man reboots? From my POV they only just recently made that version with the squeaky voiced actor from The Ice Storm. Now they’re remaking it. The thing they just made. Was there a huge clamor out there for this?

More disturbingly, will we start seeing another reboot just a few years after this one? And then with increasing frequency? Is this a sign of The Singularity? By 2030 how many Spiderman origin story reboot movies will be made per year? Assuming a power law, my Excel spreadsheet model puts the answer at 3.82e+14. I just made that up but I bet it’s close.

Or maybe we should embrace it. Maybe endless Spiderman reboots will be our most lasting cultural legacy. Maybe our Constitution should be amended to mandate one reboot per year. It could be a yearly creepy ritual, like Passion plays or the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve countdown. We’d be like ‘I can’t wait to see how they’ll do the yucky upside down kiss this year!’. Or at least others would. I’d be half drunk, half bored, and half asleep. Just like New Year’s Eve.

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You win one free internet for this post. Maybe they can go meta and make a film about a director who is working on directing a spiderman reboot, and all the trials and tribulations he goes through in the process…

Comment by anon

Spiderman movies are approaching The Singularity, but they are really just part of the overall movie industry approaching The Singularity. Just look at the increasing number of remakes and sequels and reboots and things we’ve had in recent years. (How many different Hulks have we had in the last decade? They remade Footloose? They’re making a Men In Black 3? They’re remaking TOTAL RECALL??)

What we are actually witnessing is a rent-seeking initiative by the movie industry that is facing increased competition from more exciting forms of entertainment. High-risk original ideas are out; low-risk recycled ideas are in. Pretty soon they’re going to give up even making new versions of old movies and just start showing the old ones. (What’s that? They’re already doing that? Lion King? Titanic? The Phantom Menace?)

Comment by joshua

[…] and patient homeowners with surround-sound big-screen living rooms. It will continue to churn out low-risk sequels and remakes and may eventually run out of people who are willing to pay double digit dollars to see superheroes […]

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