Yay Giants
October 23, 2012, 9:49 am
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Just want to say this bases-clearing broken-bat ping pong hit with unintentional-‘English’ on it was so ridiculous, it was like real-life Angels in the Outfield material. The Cardinals must have felt cursed:

Animated GIF shamelessly stolen from McCovey Chronicles which has many more.

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Comment by Pastorius

These ultra-hi-speed-film shots are amazing. Some of them were catching individual falling raindrops last night:

Comment by Sonic Charmer

Looking at that linked super slo-mo makes me never want to throw a ball ever again in my life.

Comment by Pastorius

Is hitting the ball twice allowed?

Comment by Anon.

Technically no (actually hitting-the-ball-twice would be batter interference). But as TV commentators mentioned, there is an exception for a broken-bat. WIthout breaking the bat, it would be physically quite difficult (impossible?) to hit the ball twice in a way that wasn’t blatantly interference.

Even without the broken-bat exception this one would have been tough to call as a double-hit. The batter wasn’t aware he hit the ball 3x, presumably no one else knew either, the only evidence of this was the weird spin that fooled the fielder. We can only see it was a triple-hit due to this newfangled hi-speed slo-mo photography.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

[…] Rhymes with Cars and Girls – animated GIF close-up of Hunter Pence breaking his bat in the course of an infield double […]

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Do you post to McCovey Chronicles, S.C.?

I ask because I have been a regular there since its inception. I generally enjoy it, but the slowly creeping political content (assumed liberalism, Obama boosting, recently – little jabs at Romney) has been rubbing me the wrong way.

Comment by Ian

I don’t have an account or post there no. I mostly go there because enjoy Grant’s writing (seriously – I think that he is one of the best writers on the net, on any topic).

The comment threads get a little huge/unmanageable for my browsing needs, sometimes crash the browser on my iPad, etc., so I use them sparingly. Maybe I peruse them for the crazy gifs after a big playoff win etc. Hadn’t noticed any political content, except to the extent that there is lots of nonsense posted there, about lots of stuff.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

Yes: Grant’s writing is a treasure, agreed, I feel lucky as a Giants’ fan that he’s our guy.

One example of political content: recently, after big Giants wins, one regular has been posting a gif of Barry and Michelle fist bumping. A couple times, I posted, “Why don’t you post a pic of some Dodgers celebrating while you’re at it”.

(also, perhaps you know this: SBNation (of which McC is one of 300+ team-specific microblogs), has 100m+ monthly views (they’re catching up with RWCG ;) ), and is an initiative of the Puffington Host)

Comment by Ian

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