For Romney fantasizers
November 4, 2012, 7:32 am
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From my research and inquiries, these appear to be the leading candidates for stories to tell yourself when convincing yourself Romney has a chance to win.

1. Lying Lefties: (D)s disproportionately lie to pollsters about their intent, and so too many of them are getting through pollsters’ likely-voter screening. Admittedly, there is some evidence for this sort of theory.

2. Chatty Cathies: (D)s are more eager, or (as welfare queens and so on) more often in a life situation enabling them to, pick up their phone and talk to pollsters when the auto-dialer picks their phone number. Hence pollsters are always filling up their demographic quotas with too many (D)s.

I’ll spend some time today leaning back, closing my eyes, with some Cat Stevens and T. Rex on the record player, trying to concentrate on these two stories one after the other, and I’ll see if it helps. Will let you know.

Just to bring things a little closer to reality though, I’ll leave you with this would-you-rather: All else being equal, would you rather have

A. your preferred candidate leading in 8 of 11 battleground polls two days before the election?, or:

B. your preferred candidate behind in 8 of 11 battleground polls, but you have the above two stories to tell yourself?

Seems to me the choice is pretty clear, but you (other) Romney fantasizers, you tell me if I’m wrong…

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