Links & comment: whites, rednecks, blind girls
November 8, 2012, 4:14 pm
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One reason I like middle-of-road genre thrillers is that you can learn interesting psychological facts. For example from Jennifer 8 (Andy Garcia, Uma Thurman) I have learned that growing up around a lot of blind girls, who can’t look at you even though you are attracted to them, will make you so frustrated you’ll eventually just want to kill blind girls. Good to know, and rest assured that I consider myself warned and have internalized this premise. 3 3/4 stars out of 5.

  • Since I thought Obama was going to win, my main hope was for him to lose the ‘popular vote’, so that the (mostly post-2000 and lefty) anti Electoral College faction would have a Teachable Moment, because after all, the electoral college is a great idea.
  • People in positions of responsibility who don’t read the fine print are supposed to lose money.
  • I had been waiting for some lefty to come up with the theory that the right set-up Benghazi to try to foil Obama’s re-election, and sure enough, I should’ve known Justin Raimondo would be the one to come through. The thing I don’t understand though is that everyone knows Benghazi was a spontaneous, grass-roots protest in response to that Youtube video. How did the fascist righties at the CIA know that grassroots, regular folk in Libya would react so strongly, and at that particular time? Brilliant.
  • Streetwise Professor on the effects of the government tearing up contracts. (SPOILER: the effects are bad.) Face it, no one cares.
  • A good review of Thor, which I’ve felt is (both the movie and the Avengers character) the underappreciated sidekick of the Marvel-movie renaissance. (Overappreciated: the Hulk. Sorry, but aside from one or two one-liners / sight gags, that guy is boring.)
  • Stationary Waves, At A Certain Point, People Just Forget
  • Half Sigma has been analyzing the election from the exit-poll demographic breakdowns. My working theory at the moment is that the Rs need to find a way to triangulate against D goodie-giving by figuring out some goodie to give to lower-class whites/rednecks. The trick is they have to do it without explicitly associating themselves culturally with those rednecks (because that wouldn’t be “cool”, which would be the SWPL kiss of death)
  • Bryan Caplan writes yet more about immigration that I do not find myself in agreement with
  • Is the silliness of the idea that all the Rs need to do is ‘reach out to’ immigrants and certain racial subgroups finally getting through to the righty mainstream?

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