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November 9, 2012, 11:29 am
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This is kind of a strange question, and I know I don’t normally do this, but:

Does Kirk fly the Enterprise into a star (‘the second star on the right’) at the end of Star Trek 6?

When I first saw that movie way back when, my reaction was something like: that was weird, they must have meant it metaphorically. Because it was probably the last movie for the original cast and all.

But the wiki, which I had expected would resolve the issue in an OF COURSE NOT sort of direction, is maddeningly vague:

As the Enterprise cruises towards a nearby sun, Kirk proclaims that though this mission is the final cruise of the Enterprise under his command, others will continue their voyages.

What? It ‘cruises towards a nearby sun’? For real? We’re really supposed to think that? That can’t be right. It metaphorically sails into the sunset right? Not actually cruises towards that sun? Right?

Surely someone knows. In particular I’m sure the Canon of what happens between Kirk and Picard is all filled out, and if Kirk had ended his career by ACTUALLY flying his Enterprise into a star, everyone would have talked about it later. And I’m just not enough of a Trekkie to know the Canon. Right? Someone help me out.

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I figured they warped toward it until it got a little bit bigger (which wouldn’t happen until very close to the end of the trip), maybe looped it a couple times and then someone said “Okay, at this point we’re just pissing ’em off, we’d better take this tub back home until we get into some real trouble.” Their records were already blotted with starship-theft by then, most of ’em anyway.

Comment by Morgan K Freeberg

Yeah, didn’t they steal the Enterprise in pretty much every other movie? So strange they all didn’t get dishonorable discharges if not jail time. That thing has got to represent trillions worth of capital, and it was always being stolen by like 7 people. Bizarre.

Back to the important question at hand: if one is a literalist, then from what’s on screen it looks for all the world as if the Enterprise flies into a star and the star either burns a little brighter or (and this would be really ridiculous) goes supernova at the same moment. It also looks as if the relative sizes are totally out of whack, i.e. the star is barely bigger than the ship. This only adds to the heightened surreal sense that it Must Be Metaphorical.

So why doesn’t the wiki make that clear??

Comment by Sonic Charmer

Okay, OKAY, you win. I’ll put it in and watch!

Comment by Morgan K Freeberg

Oh my, I see your point now. Yeah, he incinerated that puppy.

Comment by Morgan K Freeberg

You know, I’m thinking on this some more. This was the very last appearance for everybody on that starship except, what…Kirk and Scott…and Spock and McCoy made appearances on The Next Generation. Other than those 4, everyone else dropped off the map. I know this is the retirement episode and all, but you’re right, the final visual makes it very clear what happened.

There must have been an escape pod jettisoned right before the big burst, with the four dudes in it, laughing maniacally.

Comment by Morgan K Freeberg

Poor Uhura & Chekov, left behind…

This despicable act forces me to re-examine my entire opinion of ‘Captain’ Kirk!

Comment by Sonic Charmer

It’s a literary reference. Google “second star on the right, and straight on ’till morning” for the details.

Comment by Southern Man

Yeah but that doesn’t explain what happens visually.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

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