Forced busing? That was nothin’
November 9, 2012, 9:19 am
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From Race Was Not the Key Factor in Romney’s Defeat:

What this means is that voters are in a relationship with each other; in other words the presence of large numbers of blacks affects white people’s votes. When there are large numbers of blacks whites vote more Republican in reaction to blacks tipping the scales in favor of the Democrats; I imagine this is what is going on in the Southern states. When whites do not have many blacks around them they are more likely to vote Democrat as there is no need to counter a black Democratic vote since there aren’t that many blacks voting in their area anyways.

So voting habits are partially about the mixture and distribution of race, not just race. Similar observations have been made by the last few Half Sigma posts. There seems to be a growing consensus that the two major blocs of the (D) constituency consist of:

1. Nonwhites, and
2. Whites who don’t have to live around a lot of (the wrong kind of) nonwhites. (Please understand that I am using the phrase “have to” from a third-person subconsciously-subjective POV.)

On a different note, one of the things we’re being told to expect from Obama’s second term is a leftifying of the Supreme Court. It seems to me that (R)s will have to not only get comfortable with this, but embrace it strategically.

How? Spike that Supreme Court and clog it up with poison-pills.

Tying the two themes above together, it seems clear that the (R)s’ best strategic hope is to simply get a lot of poor (say) blacks to move into sheltered SWPL neighborhoods. The blacks’ votes won’t swing more to the (D)s (how could they?) but, if the theory above has any truth, the whites’ votes might swing away from them. I am envisioning a lawsuit involving, say, the relocation of a Baltimore housing-project – and all its residents – to a newly-leveled block in the heart of residential Chevy Chase, on progressive grounds (‘equal access’ or similar bullshit). And similar for analogous communities in strategically identified other blue & swing states (Maryland might not be the best place to start, of course).

My thinking is this: (R)s should support such lawsuits wholeheartedly. Hell, (R)s should bring such lawsuits. Support them on up to the Supreme Court (as soon as the next conservative retires and is replaced by Elizabeth Warren or whoever). Berate anyone as racist who dares to disagree. It would be the awesomest progressive idea since the court-ordered ‘busing’ of the ’70s.

What ‘progressive’ politician or judge would dare oppose such a plan? Surely they’d hand that hot-potato on upward eagerly. Or if they did oppose and prevent it, who could fail to see the hypocrisy? And the (R)s would have actually been on the side of the Non-Racist angels, for once. (Which if nothing else would test out the (R) establishment theory that what (R)s need to do is ‘reach out to’ minority communities and stop spooking them.) So, it’s all win-win.

I should be like one of the main (R) strategists.

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One problem with this theory is Chicago (and Illinois) — lot of blacks (and Hispanics) and lots of Democrats despite the failed policies of the Dems. Now, in the past Mayor Daley did sort of govern like a moderate Republican and attempt to cleanse the city of lots of poor blacks by getting rid of lots of public housing. But the poor suburbs still vote for Democrats, when they should be voting for racist Republicans who are complaining about all the poor blacks.

Very strange…

Comment by Fake Herzog

Do the white SWPL Democrats of the Chicago area live in/around the blacks? Honest question, but I had thought not, I thought there was a chi-chi Chicago-area neighborhood a la John Hughes movies and that’s where you’d find the whites.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

P.S. And my understanding was that even the blacks who are well-to-do have their own neighborhood (i.e. where the Obamas used to live)

Comment by Sonic Charmer

yes, the term ‘hypersegregation’ specifically refers to how Chicago is split up along racial lines.

Comment by A Lady

[…] bolster my point, whites that live near blacks (outside of DC) tended to vote Republican. If the Republican Party can paint the Democratic Party as the black party, it seems likely that […]

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