The Hispanic fantasy
November 9, 2012, 8:37 am
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Another good example of righty Hispanicbating (fair warning: yes, I’m gonna be using this suffix to coin terms all over the place) that infantilizes Hispanics: Why Romney Lost the Hispanic Vote

It gives me no pleasure to say that I’ve been warning of this for many years. Conservatives and Republicans simply must address Hispanic voters in terms that do not sound hostile.

It can’t just be that Hispanics are, like, just way too leftist to be attracted to the (R)s. That would be like saying the Hispanics are real people with actual sets of deeply-held opinions about things (and also, other human traits such as prejudices) that could be, like, fundamentally incompatible with (what passes for) median (R) philosophy.

It can’t be that Hispanics generally want a National Health Care Thing. It can’t be that they generally like the idea of affirmative action. It can’t be that they generally prefer a higher and steeper marginal tax schedule. It can’t just be that they voted for The Black Guy instead of The White Guy due to enemy-of-my-enemy tribal reasoning. No: it’s just that Republicans ‘sound hostile’! If they could just stop ‘sounding hostile’ and advocate for unfettered immigration then they could totally put forth their conservative views unchanged and Hispanics would totally go for it.

Why is the mainstream right so enthralled by this fantasy? How has thinking this way been working out for them? It’s almost their version of political correctness: the whole approach doesn’t work, but any more realistic approach would be based on premises no one is allowed to think, and so, a neverending inept and impotent Hispanic-courting it is!

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Probably part of the reason is that the MSM has been parroting the ‘hostility’ line for a while now. When I go to lefty sites like The American Conservative (sorry, had to get a dig in) the lefty commenters are often talking about just how mean those danged Republicans are. If I were ruler of the intarweb, anyone who says such a thing would be required to provide three unique examples of Republican hostility to Hispanics or immigrants. I have a feeling it would all reduce down to Republican principles like “Illegal immigration is not a good thing”.

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