People need to criticize me more
November 10, 2012, 9:51 pm
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I have shared two Sonic Charmer Theories™ in this space:

1. This is the age of the two-termer – all Presidents will get re-elected. It is an 8 year position.

2. It is good that Obama was re-elected, because if he hadn’t been, then he would have run against AND BEAT Romney in 2016 and then we’d be stuck with him till early 2021.

THESE THEORIES CONTRADICT. Usually my theories are airtight with mathematical precision. But here, there is a gaping hole in my otherwise ironclad logic. But no one noticed and called me on it!

You can’t just let me get away with stuff like that.

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Comment by Pastorius

Actually it’s perfectly consistent. If we assume that all 21st century presidents are 2-termers, then ANY statement of the form “If Obama is not a 2-termer then …” is trivially true, just because “False->P” is a tautology. Thus, you could have said “It’s a good thing Obama was re-elected, because otherwise we’d all have been annihilated by space termites” and it would be perfectly consistent with your original theory.

It doesn’t make your posts inconsistent with each other, it just makes the 2nd one vacuous.

Comment by anon

Ha! You are right. Nicely done! :-)

Comment by Sonic Charmer

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