Prometheus belated review
November 10, 2012, 8:13 pm
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Despite my sarcastically-conveyed doubts and naysaying at the time, it turns out all the griping about the film was basically on target.

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It was an ok movie.

It was amazing to watch.

Comment by Pastorius

Nice visuals, masking a plot and characters that made no sense.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

Girlfriend and I just watched this on PiratebayFlix. Total disaster. Ripley is discredited forever and will now be consigned to waiting tables at the Dennies on Sunset Boulevard

Comment by anon

I have observed that the visuals in many modern movies keep getting better, while stories are inane.

With the ever improvement of computer technology, the increasing standardization of best practices, and the in-the-trenches people (the people in charge visuals/CGI/special effects, and also those in charge of the sets, costumes, sound, etc) ’s general skill level, more and more movies are breathtakingly beautiful. I am amazed, again and again, at how spaceships look realistic, how landscapes are lush and textured, and how historically realistic historical movies look.

But so many of those same visually stunning movies, a drunk brain-damaged monkey could have come up with a better theme, plot, characters, and dialogue and better characters (not just Prometheus, but many/most big-boom movies these days: Star Wars prequels, Tron Legacy, Avatar, Matrix 2&3, Conan remake, World Battle LA, Alice In Wonderland, Percy Jackson Lightening Thief, Indiana Jones IV, Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, XMen movies, 300, etc etc).

It kind of amazes me that, leaving the best-known and best-rewarded actors out of the equation, it seems that the technies are anonymous replaceable gnomes working in the trenches in the background, while the directors, producers, and (to a lesser extent) screenwriters are the well-paid, well-known, well-discussed rock star “auteurs” (cough*George Lucas*cough) who repeatedly have been taking big craps all over the movie-going populace, and rewarded with more trucks filled with money pulling up in the loading dock, ready to dump into and burn in the crapola fireplace. These movies that might put asses in seats and return some revenue in the short term, but it seems that no one has any interest in seeing them again a few years later.
Maybe what people are paying for, in many cases, is the CGI. Who would want to have seen Revenge of the Sith if it had been made with fifties special effects, and/or on one-tenth the special effects budget?

While traveling in Asia, I noticed that movies theaters in the various countries over there mostly showed locally made movies for comedy and personal interest and story, and mainly Hollywood movies that were visually spectacular (which, it seems, is what only Hollywood has the budget/know-how for).

The visuals people are creating the main real value in many movies released these days. It’d be nice to see better stories.

(also, two righteous reviews of Prometheus:

Comment by Ian

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