The final inequity
November 12, 2012, 10:03 am
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Everyone is against inequities. And as we all know, historically it’s been the ‘progressives’ at the vanguard when it comes to fighting and rectifying them. Anywhere and anytime they spot someone’s voice being marginalized, some class of people being subjugated and oppressed, someone being discriminated against, some impact being disparate, ‘progressives’ are the first to join the fray and say, NO: this must not stand.

With one exception.

That exception being the class of people who lack college-degree credentials. Those people can just GO FUCK THEMSELVES, say progressives.


You see, while we begrudingly recognize that people without college-degree credentials have their lives and hopes and dreams and values and beliefs and opinions and whatever, those things can all just SUCK MY DICK, say progressives. So, in particular, if states dominated by those people prefer one Presidential candidate, that (in and of itself) is a good and hilarious reason to prefer the other guy. It’s FUCKING GREAT if the preference of people who lack college-degrees is marginalized in an identifiably-disproportionate way, and made fun of and spit upon, say progressives. Like, most of West Virginia wants one guy to be President? FUCK THEM. Because fewer% of them have college degrees than other states. So – therefore – FUCK WEST VIRGINIA.

That’s why when you make a scatterplot with ‘leadership preference’ on one axis and ‘% with college degree’ on the other axis, and quadrants I and III are dominant, that’s just awesome. It’s a sign of a healthy society with the correct inequity baked into it. If progressives with college degrees can dominate and impose their views upon people who lack college-degrees, then all is right with the world. Progressives with college degrees govern and tell people what to do; people without college degrees just lie back and take whatever is dished out, whether they like it or not.

That is the natural order of things, so it’s all good.

It’s the final, acceptable inequity.

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Yes, that has apparently been the vision. For awhile.

But the wise worldly sages elected by these educated people, haven’t actually built anything. Yes that is a point of contention, their supporters have lots of bullets of accomplishment they can put together that go on for pages and pages…and this is all very persuasive…until you actually read it.

“Education” is gradually being re-defined to be an antonym of useful wisdom.

Comment by Morgan K Freeberg

It’s obvious that the number one target of SWPL progressives are “working class” whites who live in the flyover states. This is because they are the only group who has coherent opposition to the progressive agenda. The progressives have spent decades trying to grind this set of people down by converting their children via public schools, by cultural denigration on movies and television, and by excluding or dismissing their points of view from the print media. I think the progressives have largely succeeded in this agenda.

Comment by Dave

I think we might possibly have to add to your list that progressives have been trying to grind them down by damaging the economy. Since they’re so Smart, it becomes hard to deny the possibility that progressives are fully conscious of the economic damage their policies cause – it’s just that they like it that way.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

Let’s not forget that much of the difference in educational attainment between the red list and the blue list comes from demographic differences. Why would SWPL be so proud that Minnesota and Vermont are so white? If they go a bit deeper they might find some conflicts among the SWPL core values of “Being SMART,” and being demonstrable “ANTI-RACIST / PRO-Diversity.”

Comment by J. Anonymous

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