Rock Creek Park back in the news
November 13, 2012, 4:17 pm
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Paula Broadwell’s License Discovered in D.C. Park

Police notify FBI — Broadwell’s attorney mum on her whereabouts

WAIT! Does this mean she killed herself? Got kidnapped? Are Mulder & Scully on the case?? Does this mean it ties in with…

Naw. It seems like she just, like, lost her driver’s license. And then someone found it. Based on the article I think she’s hangin’ out at her home in NC.

This whole thing is like a weird convoluted echo of stuff from the Clinton years, told back to us by someone with no imagination whatsoever, stripped of everything that is not boring. I shudder to think what The X-Files would be like if it had been created in late 2012. It’d be about a bickering believer & skeptic paired off to go investigate, like, zoning violations and expired driver’s licenses. I want to believe, but it’s all so boring.

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The truth is out to lunch.

Comment by Pastorius

Thrust no one.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

[…] I had said that Rock Creek Park was ‘back in the news’, but I have belatedly realized that, as should have been clear from context, I was thinking of Fort […]

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