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November 27, 2012, 10:40 am
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PostLibertarian says Obamacare is already beginning to collapse. This just raises the question of whether Collapsing Obamacare is better – or worse – than ‘Working’ Obamacare.

Thanks to ‘liberals’, being a doctor (and, patient) under Obamacare gets even more fascist. You’re so ‘liberal’, ‘liberals’!

Anonymous Conservative on why people are conservative.

The votes keep on coming in for just going off the damn ‘fiscal cliff’ already.

The push for lotsa breast cancer screening may have done more harm than good. Nice going, ‘experts’.

I had had no idea this had happened to La Jolla. Good job, ‘environmentalists’.

This Peter Suderman 17-tweet defense of Wal-Mart is good but misses the point because the anti-Wal-Mart fervor isn’t about making anyones’ lives better in the first place. It’s about scoring a blow for upper-class Team SWPL against Wal-Mart as the embodiment of the bad-taste lower-class. Actually making lower-class peoples’ lives worse in the process wouldn’t be seen as a bug at all.

Kevin Drum (a VERY NICE GUY) writes another one of those brilliant pieces whose entire premise is Howcome the right is so crazy and stupid! I mean, yes, the left does similar analogous stuff too, but when the left does that stuff, it’s all justified. It’s only when the RIGHT does it that it’s CRAYZEE and which can be totally and completely answered by rolling your eyes and saying, as sarcastically as you possibly can, “Isn’t it obvious, Kevin Drum? It’s because lefties are just plain better people than righties. Better. People.” And then backing away slowly from Kevin Drum…forever. Who – people have been insisting to me for 10+ years – is a VERY NICE AND SMART GUY.

Captain Capitalism on the pathological, entitlement princess mentality of HR departments. Of course it’s hard to fault them too much given that all government regulations in recent years have pointed toward making a corporation-employee relationship more serious and costly, rather than less. Ironically this is one area where I would prefer more ‘sluttiness’ and casual ‘sleeping around’ among corporations/employees, but for some reason the ‘progressives’ don’t seem all that interested in promoting that sort of promiscuity. So, we’re stuck with these lengthy and nit-picky courtships full of stupid hoops to jump through and ‘shit-tests’.

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Drum did a post recently pointing out that MSNBC in the run-up to the election had run 0 stories positive about Romney and 0 stories negative about Obama. He actually, to his credit, seemed to think this was a problem, referring to it as the “Foxification” of MSNBC (but even Fox managed a few positive O stories/negative R stories). His commenters however piled on, saying that of course MSNBC had nothing positive to say about Romney…he’s just that evil!

The reality-based community is the meme that never stops giving.

Comment by Matt

Yes, most lefty bloggers will point out that it’s not really imbalanced to be disproportionate in that way, if the Rethugs REALLY ARE bad people (which they are). Surprised Drum missed the memo on that one.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

“And then backing away slowly from Kevin Drum…forever.”

I keep trying, but people like you and Coyote keep reading and quoting and linking him. Beats the hell out of me why. I don’t go blogging every time I have to scrape some crap off my shoes.

Comment by eddie

Well, I do (apparently)

Comment by Sonic Charmer

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