Stupid question while I wait for Nth cheapo laptop reboot
November 28, 2012, 7:58 pm
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So, Kickstarter. It’s basically just begging right? I had assumed it was some kind of way to micro-invest in peoples’ cutesy web projects. But really you’re just giving them money? Cuz they asked?

So it’s a begging website. Or did I miss something?

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Especially since they clamped down on using it as a pre-order system, yes.

If I wanted to be a little more generous, I’d call it “busking” rather than “begging.” At least they’re saying “give me money and I will do this thing for everyone” rather than just “give me money.”

Comment by SB7

“Especially since they clamped down on using it as a pre-order system”

Wait, what? When? Why?

I thought it worked really well as a pre-order system.

Comment by eddie

Nevermind, I found this:

Some good comments there.

Anyway, yeah, Kickstarter has always been “please give me money and I’ll probably do this thing I said I’d do”.

And while they haven’t always been REALLY EXPLICIT about it, Kickstarter’s answer to “Hey, this guy took our money and spent it on hookers and blow instead of building a full-scale recreation of the Colossus of Rhodes like he promised!” has always been “Not our problem, pal. Take it up with mister Artiste over there. Hey, maybe you can threaten to trash his reputation or something. GLHF”

Comment by eddie

Well, it does have the whole “don’t pay until pledge goal reached thing”. Sort of like, you walk past the guy on the street who’s like “give me a quarter for the bus”, you can pledge a quarter to him and then you only actually pay the quarter once enough people have pledged enough quarters to actually make bus fare.

But you’re right, once he’s got his bus fare that way, he can still use it on cheap booze.

Comment by anon

I think I get it. And this Reason piece has convinced me I shouldn’t be too hard on it:

I guess I just had the wrong idea, from the buzz about it I had assumed that the ‘crowdfunding’ thing had something to do with investment, not simply fundraising. I should have realized that’s a little implausible as it would presumably make it run up against all sorts of financial/reporting regulations though.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

Yeah, no. Kickstarter tries really hard to make it clear that there’s no kind of investment going on. They’ve got rules about it and everything. And yep, it’s probably because they’re terrified of regulatory hellfire raining down on their parade.

There are some crowdfunding equity investment thingies out there. Don’t know much about them or why they think they can get away with it.

Comment by eddie

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