The Other Guys
December 31, 2012, 7:43 am
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There must be something wrong with me. (In a heretofore-unsuspected dimension, I mean.) If you have cable and have turned it on at any point in the past 3 months you know that the Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg Adam McKay-helmed comedy vehicle The Other Guys gets played approximately 50 times per day. Now: every time I’m flipping channels and see it, I watch some of it.

And find it hilarious yet again.

Every time. It never gets old. Every scene. All told I’ve probably seen it like 10+ times by now. To the point where I actually notice that they must be showing an ‘edited-for-TV version’ that includes a few extra scenes that weren’t in the theatrical/DVD version. And I get excited about those scenes. Its humor just doesn’t wane for me. It’s actually getting kind of creepy. Like, is it radioactive? What dark comedy powers have they tapped into?

Anyway, so, when I was flipping around last night and saw that the Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly Adam-McKay-helmed comedy vehicle Stepbrothers was coming on, I decided to try to watch it. And what was my reaction?

“This seems dumb.”

I guess it’s like becoming a wine connoisseur, your taste buds develop to the point where small differences are inflated into huge importance. Yeah. So that makes me like a fine-wine connoisseur. Something like that.

Just one more shopping day to Cliffday!
December 31, 2012, 7:32 am
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Any special plans for Cliffday? Of course, I’ll be in my bomb shelter, but we’re also going to bring a little tree in there. You know, for kids. And for the oxygen.

I’m working on writing some Cliffday Carols. Lyrically they are all bleak, post-apocalyptic affairs, but the melodies sure are bright and cheery.

It’s looking like the Mayans were only about 10 days early or so with their prediction. Maybe this all traces to that calendar thing that monks did or something? Maybe they were actually right-on and we just don’t know it (yet).

The veracity of the preceding all hinges, of course, on Congress not working out and passing a ”DEAL”. God forbid Congress does a ”DEAL”. I would hate that. I’d have to edit this blog post and everything. What a pain! Crimson Reach to Congress: NO ”DEAL”. Please let us have a ”DEAL”less Cliffday! Don’t spoil Cliffday!

My Favorite Obama Speech
December 30, 2012, 10:23 pm
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My favorite Obama speech was that one where, as he talked, he kept looking to the left and then down and then to the right and then down and then to the left and then down and then to the right and then down and then to the left and then down and then to the right and then down and so on and so on until he was finished saying the words of the speech.

That particular Obama speech was AWESOME. I especially liked how it wasn’t ‘just a speech’, because you could totally tell he was really emphatically and caringly directing his words at particular people in the audience. Two of them, in fact.

Performance bias
December 30, 2012, 8:25 pm
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This is a cute time-lapse video of a dad actively entertaining his kid without TV or similar (HT: CDAN) but let’s not pretend it wouldn’t have looked different had he not been aware the camera was rolling.

Faux uncertainty on taxes
December 30, 2012, 8:21 pm
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Ramesh Ponnuru says it’s “ridiculous that we don’t know what our tax rates will be in a few days”. But that’s not true at all. We know perfectly well what our tax rates will be: they will be whatever tax rates were before the Bush Tax Cuts™ were passed. Unless something changes.

Something could always change. But let’s not pretend there’s not a default course of tax rates. There is, and that default course is that tax rates are going up. Moreover, this is evidently what President Obama and the (D)s want, given the side of the bargaining table they have decided to sit on. There’s not much uncertainty here except to the extent that Obama & (D)s appear inclined to try to pass a tax cut from those pre-’01 levels (a ‘permanent’ one, in retarded modern parlance). They do not appear so inclined. Moreover, the American public doesn’t seem to want them to either, given how they voted.

So, let ’em have it, and make sure they understand: tax rates will go up. On everyone. Because of what Obama and the (D)s want.

Pretending there’s a huge amount of uncertainty about this only muddies the waters.

End-of-year blog-crazies
December 30, 2012, 5:50 pm
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Half Sigma’s weird self-nullifying announcement of an attempt to change net identities seems to have kicked off a larger trend of bloggers-going-crazy-at-end-of-year. Thus, next up we have Elliot Temple, David Deutsch’s biggest cheerleader for probably a decade, explaining ceremoniously that he has changed his mind about David Deutsch. Duly noted.

I have written some pretty dumb/weird stuff and gone off the rails on this or that momentary obsession, but I’m really not sure how I’m going to top this sort of thing. These guys are really setting the bar high.

RELATED? UPDATE: After much soul-searching and consultation with an internet anagram generator, I have decided to change my alias to (The) Crimson Reach. I’m trying to distance myself from the old persona. So please, effective immediately I request that the Internet cease all references to ‘Sonic Charmer’ and start called me (The) Crimson Reach. The blog will be much the same, only I will not mention parking-lot-related pet peeves of mine (such as IDIOT ASSHOLES who enter like a six- or ten-story parking garage and then drive 2.5mph trying to ‘follow someone to their space’ oblivious to the fact that (a) there are 10 cars behind them being delayed by this and (b) if they would just fucking drive up a few levels there would be free spaces galore. You fucking morons.) Accordingly, all parking-related comments will be deleted. In addition, in an unrelated but simultaneous change, I have ceremoniously changed my mind about (oh, let’s say) Oliver Willis (i.e. how stupid he is) and will start reading him religiously and praising his insights instead. I’m in the process of registering an official Oliver Willis fanclub domain as we speak. I’ll be moderating the Oliver Willis discussion forum.

UPDATE 2: Changed my mind. Changing back. Also, no Willis. And parking rants totally allowed.

UPDATE 3: By popular demand, (The) Crimson Reach is back!

UPDATE 4: Potential new blog title to go along with all these changes: Reach With Crimson Grip. Feedback welcome. Still focus-grouping it. Will let you know.

How not to create a new fake ‘net identity
December 29, 2012, 5:52 pm
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Half Sigma has announced that, due to the bad connotations of Half Sigma being labeled as a ‘racist’ for things he is known for writing about ‘human biodiversity’ and such (and for his commenters), he will stop blogging at Half Sigma and start blogging in an edited-for-‘racism’ way as The Lion Of The Blogosphere. We know this from his posts on his blog Half Sigma in which he declares his intent to start blogging at The Lion Of The Blogosphere, to which he helpfully links (as Half Sigma) in multiple posts discussing his intent and ideas for the new non-racist blog in which he’ll be called The Lion and totally not Half Sigma. That way, uh…

Yeah, I don’t think any of that’s gonna work. We are asked to imagine that The Powers That Be are so oppressive and omniscient that they can make Half Sigma’s life unpleasant for being Half Sigma the internet racist, but at the same time, like, a year or three from now, when this The Lion blog has gained a big readership of its own (?), none of them and nobody else will know or remember that that guy used to be Half Sigma, so they’ll just be all, ‘and isn’t it great how he’s not a racist?’

Cuz, y’know, the internet, it forgets stuff?

Free advice to Half Sigma: the way you create a new fake identity is just to create it and start blogging at the new place. You do not talk about it from the old place. At most you discreetly link to it on the old place’s sidebar maybe a month or two later, but even that risks people figuring you out. You think ‘Sonic Charmer’ doesn’t know whereof he (or she) speaks?


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