The First Time A President Has Ever Publicly Cried** (**Except For All Those Other Times)
December 15, 2012, 2:57 pm
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It’s totally fine and normal and all that President Obama teared up when speaking about the recent mass killing, but some people seem a bit overeager to be impressed:

Crying is the appropriate response to have to a day like this.

Mia Farrow tweeted that it was the first time she’d seen an American president cry, and she might be right. It’s a significant step. In most of politics, and most of public life, we’ve been taught that emotion is the opposite of reason, that our feelings will cloud our judgment, and that the last thing an American president should ever do is trade swagger for sentiment.

Now yes of course, Mia Farrow might indeed be right when she makes the autobiographical statement that Mia Farrow had never seen a President cry prior to yesterday. Surely she would know better than anyone else, unless she’s lying, which would be weird – not that actor-celebrities never say weird things that touch on politics. However, if the issue is whether Presidents like Obama have ever publicy cried before (regardless of whether Mia Farrow was watching at the time), this is a pretty silly question, and the answer is yes of course.

Journalist (?) Monica Potts might have known that, instead of just shrugging ‘she might be right’, if she had undertaken the apparently insurmountably-Herculean research effort of actually Googling it. This would have found quite a few links for her to go through:


Oh, but maybe all those links are about the shooting you say? Hmm, not so, suppose we want a video of President Obama crying about something:


The top links all feature Obama crying about the apparently deeply emotional and touching issue of his own political campaign. You know, last month.

Okay well, I guess ultimately that just proves her larger point that Obama is more in touch with his feminine side. Because after all surely no previous Presidents have cried.


Wait what? That sure screws up the narrative. Let’s cleanse the palate by watching the he-feels-our-pain President cry about stuff:


Oops, the top links are all about the fake-crying for Ron Brown. Sheesh, this isn’t working at all! For crying out loud. How about we just go back further to, oh I don’t know, President McKinley:


HA! I knew it. Heartless misogynistic Rethuglican bastard.

I don’t have a real point to make here, I guess. The problem is that neither does Monica Potts nor the other people determined to be impressed by Barack Obama crying. Like on so many other things, they have made up their minds a priori about Obama’s greatness, uniqueness, and impressiveness. Actual facts need not be involved.

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Hey, don’t you know that when the TV says something is a big deal, it’s a big deal? The President knows what we are all going through, after all, because he watches TV too.

Comment by Dave

We need men like Richard Nixon again. That guy never played the pussy like all these metrosexual Presidents of late.

Comment by Pastorius

Obama isn’t even any good at faking tears. He kept dabbing at the outer corners of his perfectly dry eyes (don’t you think one of his advisers might have clued him in that tears don’t form in the outer corners of the eyes, since he apparently didn’t know?). He was obviously trying to conceal his glee at the shootings. Leftist dictator wannabes love incidents like this, since it provides them a perfect opportunity to advocate disarming the population. As always, it’s for the children.

Keep in mind that this is the same guy who opposes any restrictions whatsoever on abortion. More than a million children die in abortion mills in the U.S. every year, and Obama has yet to shed a single tear for any of them.

Comment by Bob

This is genius.

Comment by RPLong

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