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December 27, 2012, 7:53 pm
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Half Sigma on the Second Amendment. At the end he dismisses ‘the argument that we need guns to have a revolution against the government’. I agree that such a thing is a dead letter but I don’t think that’s the idea anyway; citizens having guns isn’t about them ‘revolting against’ the government but, rather, adding friction to the government’s more onerous, arrogant and grandiose designs. The fact that most such friction would, in the event, be bad for the gun owners themselves (cf. Waco, Ruby Ridge) is completely beside the point. Does the possibility of such outcomes make government personnel think twice? ‘Revolution’ or not, I think that (a) it probably does and (b) if so, that’s a good thing.

Dusk in Autumn on compost piles.

Stationary Waves, Advice To Gun Control Advocates

Is Black America Lost? Well I for one have a clear conscience about this, as I’m the only one who has put forth a practical, compromising bipartisan proposal to fix what ails Black America and solve the Gun Problem at the same time: just take Blacks’ guns away!

My read of this Garrett Jones post is that natural socioeconomic forces will lead Smart People away from the ‘social insurance’ model of welfare. If so, and to the extent that this is true: good. We need less (misnomered) government-supplied ‘insurance’ that is really just redistribution in disguise.

Kevin Drum wants people to know that while he’s ‘agnostic on Hagel, just as I was agnostic about Susan Rice for secretary of state’, he’s ‘disgusted’ by people who disapprove of those people saying ‘sniveling’ bad things (‘smears’) about them when they are trial-ballooned for high positions. Hmm. He keeps using that word, ‘agnostic’. I do not think it means what he thinks it means. I’m the one who’s ‘agnostic’, buddy, since I barely know who these people are and have little opinion either way whether they attain those posts. Get it now?

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