Made-up and, technically, untrue biographical facts about me
December 27, 2012, 10:09 pm
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I cried like a baby when ‘Old B.O.B.’, the Slim Pickens-voiced robot in Disney’s The Black Hole, died (or whatever happened to him). On my personal top 5 most-poignant cinematic moments list.

I totally know who Taylor Swift is. In fact, I really dig her stuff and think she is very talented at the entertainment-related craft for which she is so famous and well-known (including, of course, by me) that I hear other people saying her name a lot in entertainment-related discussions.

I have received not more than 5 sets of pajamas as Christmas presents in my lifetime. Gotta be less than that.

I’ve read all of the Twilight novels except for the fourth, which I threw down in disgust halfway through due to the shoddy and subpar writing compared to the others.

I hold a Practitioner’s Certificate in Keynesian Economics. It was part of a summer course I took at the Institute.

I have but a mild case of Morgellon’s Syndrome and have spent many the lazy and not-entirely-unpleasant Sunday afternoon idly pulling fibers out of the skin on my forearm. I made a ball out of them.

I’m a lapsed Wiccan. Guess I just became disillusioned by the watered-down and compromised version of Wicca too often practiced today. Call me a traditionalist but I still say they should stick with true Wicca.

You can see me as a kid in the background of one of the scenes near the end of The Goonies (on the beach).

I have shared a nanny with Rush’s Geddy Lee. We did a sort of nanny-share thing together. Worked out fine.

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Who is Yggie?

Comment by Pastorius

Is that like the antithesis of ‘Who is John Galt?’

Comment by Sonic Charmer

They should knock the head off of the new MLK statue on the D.C. mall, and replace it with a statue of your head. On the side, the epitaph could say, “SONIC CHARMER, FUNNIER THAN YOU.”

(or, if you want to remain anonymous, it could just be a vision of the RWCG masthead, carved into marble)

Comment by Ian

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