How not to create a new fake ‘net identity
December 29, 2012, 5:52 pm
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Half Sigma has announced that, due to the bad connotations of Half Sigma being labeled as a ‘racist’ for things he is known for writing about ‘human biodiversity’ and such (and for his commenters), he will stop blogging at Half Sigma and start blogging in an edited-for-‘racism’ way as The Lion Of The Blogosphere. We know this from his posts on his blog Half Sigma in which he declares his intent to start blogging at The Lion Of The Blogosphere, to which he helpfully links (as Half Sigma) in multiple posts discussing his intent and ideas for the new non-racist blog in which he’ll be called The Lion and totally not Half Sigma. That way, uh…

Yeah, I don’t think any of that’s gonna work. We are asked to imagine that The Powers That Be are so oppressive and omniscient that they can make Half Sigma’s life unpleasant for being Half Sigma the internet racist, but at the same time, like, a year or three from now, when this The Lion blog has gained a big readership of its own (?), none of them and nobody else will know or remember that that guy used to be Half Sigma, so they’ll just be all, ‘and isn’t it great how he’s not a racist?’

Cuz, y’know, the internet, it forgets stuff?

Free advice to Half Sigma: the way you create a new fake identity is just to create it and start blogging at the new place. You do not talk about it from the old place. At most you discreetly link to it on the old place’s sidebar maybe a month or two later, but even that risks people figuring you out. You think ‘Sonic Charmer’ doesn’t know whereof he (or she) speaks?

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I knew it. You’re the Wonkette!

Comment by josh

Thanks for linking to my new blog.

I am sure that at least 99% of the people who find the blog will be too lazy to try to figure out if the person writing the posts used to blog as someone else.

Overtime, the connection to the old blog will become harder to track down and confirm, and there will be plausible deniability.

Comment by The Lion

But you’re not interested in the set of people (people who find your blog in general).

You’re interested in the set, (racism-police type people who could make your life difficult).


And I submit that the *latter* group will have no trouble figuring out that you’re HS, and will have the energy to do so. They *are* the racism-police, after all.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

And as for ‘plausible deniability’, that I really don’t understand. The Half Sigma posts are out there saying ‘I’m the Lion’. (There is also this post!). Again, the Internet doesn’t forget. So ‘deniability’ (to the sort of hyper-motivated racist-police we are being asked to imagine have prompted your move) is a non-starter.

N.B.: top 2 results of Google search for “the lion of the blogosphere” are at the HS blog. I just think you did this wrong.

Comment by Sonic Charmer

Maybe he’s like the “anti-communists” of the 60’s, in that he finds it useful to have a sinful past in order to criticise his former points of view with added credibility.

Comment by Dave

Blast! And I thought I had hid my Wonkette roots so well, too.

If even I can be found out, Half Sigma is doomed!

Comment by Sonic Charmer

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