The Other Guys
December 31, 2012, 7:43 am
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There must be something wrong with me. (In a heretofore-unsuspected dimension, I mean.) If you have cable and have turned it on at any point in the past 3 months you know that the Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg Adam McKay-helmed comedy vehicle The Other Guys gets played approximately 50 times per day. Now: every time I’m flipping channels and see it, I watch some of it.

And find it hilarious yet again.

Every time. It never gets old. Every scene. All told I’ve probably seen it like 10+ times by now. To the point where I actually notice that they must be showing an ‘edited-for-TV version’ that includes a few extra scenes that weren’t in the theatrical/DVD version. And I get excited about those scenes. Its humor just doesn’t wane for me. It’s actually getting kind of creepy. Like, is it radioactive? What dark comedy powers have they tapped into?

Anyway, so, when I was flipping around last night and saw that the Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly Adam-McKay-helmed comedy vehicle Stepbrothers was coming on, I decided to try to watch it. And what was my reaction?

“This seems dumb.”

I guess it’s like becoming a wine connoisseur, your taste buds develop to the point where small differences are inflated into huge importance. Yeah. So that makes me like a fine-wine connoisseur. Something like that.

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“it says “Thanks for the F shack – Love Dirty Mike and the Boys””

world class

Comment by Kid Dynamite

I completely agree. Step Brothers was just loud [yelling].

Comment by tangentstyle

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