The left’s next move on taxes
January 3, 2013, 8:24 am
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The interesting thing to watch now is going to be what changes to the marginal-tax-rate schedule the left agitates for next. Now that “The Bush Tax Cuts” (i.e. whatever the marginal-tax-rates were from ~2001-2012) have been allowed to ‘expire’ (i.e. raised so that they are higher numbers than they previously were, but equal to some numbers they had been a while ago) for wage-earners above the magic threshold of $450k, what that means is that everyone making $450k or above is now paying “Clinton-Era Tax Rates”.

So, they’re set. Right?

Because as we all know, “Clinton-Era Tax Rates” were the metaphysically-perfect numbers for marginal tax rates to be. That is the period in our nation’s history when the tax schedule attained metaphysical perfection. Everyone knows that.

I assume this means the left will agitate for tax increases on “the rich” no further, and focus on trying to increase taxes for the middle and below, and to make the tax code more regressive. I mean right? Why would the marginal tax rates on “the rich” need to change any further now that they are back to the magic, perfect “39.6%” number that Clinton discovered? They wouldn’t. QED.

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Something about the attitude with which you write is bang-on to my tastes.

You wouldn’t have happened to have read from 2004-08, would you have?

Comment by Tim

I’ve read me some IMAO. Haven’t checked in there in a year or three though.

Comment by The Crimson Reach

39.6? We’re going all the way to 90 if possible. Both ideological strains of American politics are trying to recreate the 50s, and absurdly high taxes and unionization is the way forward for the left. Just don’t mention immigration restriction, we dont talk about that.

Comment by Matt

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