The (UPDATE: not-so-) accidental foreshadowing of Weasley & Hermione
January 4, 2013, 7:40 pm
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The first Harry Potter came out in 2001. I’m no economist but I figure that’s gotta be like at LEAST 10 years ago. That means I had totally forgotten about most of it.

I re-watched it recently and was pleased to see that it’s better than I had remembered/thought of it. I don’t know why I had a negative impression of it in the first place. I think partially the image of ‘the first one not being as good’ started to make the meme-rounds among Smart People somewhere around the middle movies, when they were bringing in all these Spanish directors to make them all ‘dark’ and whatnot. You’re not supposed to like Chris Columbus movies, but you are supposed to like Spanish-director movies. Period. Face it, you just can’t beat a ‘dark’ Spanish director who films entirely in blue hues and can be claimed to have a ‘style’ (i.e. moving the camera around swooshily) for getting Smart People to automatically like a movie. That’s some good free advice from me to whoever’s making the 50 Shades of.. movies, to the makers of the next Scary Movie, to Adam Sandler & his film company, to the makers of the next Katniss movie, etc. Just use a Spanish director and watch the Oscar noms roll in.

Now, the ‘dark’ ones were ok I guess but as detailed RWCG note-takers will recall me mentioning before, they really started to blend in with each other and I lost track of what I was supposed to be caring about somewhere around the entry of the Gary Oldman character, no offense to Oldman, who continued to show up or be referred to in later films (even after he died) as if he was someone key to the whole series, and I could never figure out why. So this first one was kind of refreshing. Everything was introduced and all the themes were there but there was no guy with no nose. (Funnily, I didn’t miss him.)

Anyhow, my main take away from it was this: call me crazy, but Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, with the characters all supposed to be 11-year-olds, actually seems to be foreshadowing the (eventual) Weasley/Hermione romance. Is that crazy of me to think? It’s just that she’s always annoyed with him. Rolling her eyes. Talking to him like he’s a retard. I kept thinking: ‘hey, they’re hinting!’ If you compressed those scenes into the final 2 movies’ relationship sequences and capped it with the coda showing that they later get married and have kids, it would form the outline of a perfectly-passable rom-com and you would have no trouble whatsoever identifying those early scenes as meet-cute / foreshadowing. ‘They hate each other, of COURSE they eventually get together’, you’d think. ‘Isn’t life ironic that way.’

So, that’s what I thought. But that can’t be right, can it? Did the first movie’s screenwriter and filmmakers know that Ron and Hermione were destined to get together? How? Because the books implied it? But they didn’t, right? Did the author even know at that point? I doubt it? (Obviously I could probably discuss this more intelligently and with fewer question marks if I had read any of the books.)

It’s like the anti-Star Wars. In Star Wars, Lucas starts out treating Luke/Leia/Han as a love triangle, and you figure maybe Luke & Leia have a shot, but Lucas eventually turns her into his sister. The ultimate in a poorly-thought-out, non-planned arc going as bad as it can possibly go. But in Harry Potter, Ron & Hermione actually seem to have a pretty nice romantic story arc that plays out as if it was planned that way all along – even though there’s pretty much no way it could have been.

Or is there?

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Isn’t it both racist and transgender-phobic to speak of Weezy’s foreshadowing?

Comment by Pastorius

I uh. I just.

Um yeah. I guess.

Comment by The Crimson Reach

The movie definitely foreshadows the relationship. Hermione gives Ron tons of shit, yet grabs his hand in one of the early films at a moment when she’s scared. I don’t store this info in long-term memory, I would hasten to point out; my youngest son has been reading the books and watching the movies over Christmas break. I also recall reading (or maybe translating) an interview with Columbus early on in which he mentioned that Rowling gave him privileged information about the long arc of the series so he lay the right groundwork and avoid clashing with future events.

Comment by Callowman

Aha. Well, I guess it all makes sense then and I shouldn’t have been so impressed by the ‘accidental’ seeming nature of it all. Ah well. What this really means of course (aside from the fact that I still have a lot to learn about Harry Potter) is that the Harry Potter Universe was indeed just way more thought-out than the Star Wars Universe. But I guess we already knew that…

Comment by The Crimson Reach

I know this is from almost two years ago, but I wanted to point out that at the point the first movie was made, the fourth book was already out, which is where the obvious Hermione/Ron will they or won’t they relationship started (with him being so jealous over Krum).

Comment by MicheleLou

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