I’ve found all the blogs
January 6, 2013, 5:50 pm
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Per Google Reader, I currently subscribe to 700+ RSS feeds. YES I READ EVERY WORD OF EACH ONE WHY DO YOU ASK.

Anyway, one of the big ways I used to find new content to subscribe to was Google Reader’s own recommendations. I gather Google would do some sort of graph-/linkage-analysis on the feeds I already read and then its magic algorithm would be like “dude if you’re already reading Lindsay Lohan’s blog and Lizzie McGuire’s blog and Amanda Bynes’s blog shouldn’t you also be reading Miley Cyrus’s blog? We suggest Miley Cyruses’s blog for you good sir” and then I’ll be all CLICK and bam, now I’m reading Miley Cyrus too.

Well, for years and years it was that way, and I would subscribe (or click Not Interested) to a handful of new blogs every once in a while, and that’s how it went. Thus imagine my surprise to see that Google Reader can no longer think of any recommendations for me. All I get is:

You have no recommendations

I assume that means I now read all the important blogs already? That’s all there is? I have exhausted and fully explored Google’s algorithm’s connected-graph model of the Blogosphere, and there are simply no other blogs with any significant connection to the blogs I already read, that are worth mentioning. That’s the only explanation I can think of.

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I’m reminded of a question I was once asked by a coworker back in the day:

You’re not married, are you?

And now, knowing how much work you do on the internet, I can keep my google reader feed number down around 30. But if this is really going to work out for me, you need to do a lot more of the links posts.

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