What makes up the US Government budget? An Infographic
January 18, 2013, 7:05 am
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In light of the alarming news that a debt-ceiling shutdown would force President Obama to decide not to (among other things, but seemingly most importantly) have people tracking down loose nukes, the research staff at RWCG, Inc. have pieced together this very helpful Infographic re: the US Government’s (implied) budget, as inferred from a careful study of Ezra Klein columns, President Obama press briefings, and other clues on the internet.

So now you know:


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Seriously, why hasn’t Comedy Central made you an offer yet?

Comment by Matt

They say my demands ($10 million signing bonus, and constant supply of only green M&Ms) are too high. Cheapskates.

Comment by The Crimson Reach

Seriously, I love this blog.

Comment by ColoComment

Seriously, thank you! I wonder who the other 1.3 people are.

Comment by The Crimson Reach


Comment by A Lady


Comment by Anonymous

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