January 19, 2013, 10:05 am
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Spengler says Jack Lew should be unemployable. Something about how, he was an overpaid “COO” (redundant?) at Citi at a time when (ambiguous?) Citi was doing stupid trades. Anyway, I don’t see the problem, seems perfectly qualified for government.

Lew also doesn’t pass muster with the principled OWS set, cementing my certainty that his confirmation will fly through no problem.

DDI on the high yield market:  “How many times can you look at TXU or CZR/HET?”  Heh.

Grant Brisbee has a great idea for the SF Giants’ marketing department.

This Stationary Waves post looks like it’s probably making an interesting point but I had no idea what band he’s talking about.

Why Kid Dynamite doesn’t follow anyone on Twitter.

The Entitlement-Crony Complex.

Matthew Yglesias’s point here seems to be that fascism isn’t all bad.

Another idea of his that never gets old is making the point that we should borrow more because interest rates are low as if this is a pure free-market outcome, making no reference whatsoever to the Fed.

Bookworm points out that the ‘hypothesis testing’ conception of science, as taught to schoolchildren, makes no sense, and I agree. ‘First come up with a hypothesis’ is like trying to ‘first write an outline’ for your 5-paragraph school essay – something best done after the fact because the traditions/superstition taught to you by the adult world seems to require it. But no one in practice can really work that way.

Arnold Kling on seeing like a central bank.

“Why Liberals want Conservatives to Start Killing Each Other”. I am reminded of one of the greatest Tenacious D songs:

And then after the smoke is cleared,
and the rubble has been swept away,
me and KG will peek out our heads.
We’ve been watching the riots on a monitor twenty floors below sea level,
from a bunker.

Noted climate expert Barry Ritholtz shows us a table of which groups agree vs. disagree with global warming being a serious danger. Which is good because everyone knows that the best way to do Science is by tallying ‘Groups’. ‘Groups’ such as, for example, the United States Department of Defense, the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the  American Academy of Pediatrics. What’s that? They’re ‘Groups’? And they Agree with Global Warming? Add ’em to the tally! SCIENCE! Anyway, for my contribution to this important debate for economics-bloggers, here’s another table:

Global Warming?
Agree Disagree
Knows a single thing about climate science? Yes  Me
No  Barry Ritholtz


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