I’m pretty sure that to a first approximation, the environment will be unaffected by Leonardo DiCaprio
January 21, 2013, 10:24 am
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Folks on the right are making fun of this statement by Leonardo DiCaprio:

“I would like to improve the world a bit. I will fly around the world doing good for the environment,” added DiCaprio, in comments published in German.

Aha!, they say. All that flying will be bad for the environment! What a hypocrite!

I understand the hypocrisy charge, but hypocrisy is always a weak argument.

The real problem is that this is is the wrong line of attack because it actually concedes the enviro-orthodoxy premise that traveling by airplane is somehow ‘bad for the environment’. So now the observer sees a left that thinks airplane travel is suspect because it’s ‘bad for the environment’, and a right so eager to make fun of Leo that they’re inadvertently talking as if they also think airplane travel is ‘bad for the environment’. Given these debate parameters, I think all that remains is how much to limit/restrict/tax airplane travel ‘for the environment’.


The real grounds for making fun of DiCaprio’s statement are the extremely idiotic idea that any single thing Leonardo DiCaprio, movie-actor and post-shark-jump Growing Pains star, does, whether verbally or simply due to his magical presence in whatever locale, can or will ‘help the environment’.

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Dunno about that. I tried to play it that way, discussing with an “independent moderate” the assets & liabilities involved in having a rock concert in some remote location, requiring air travel from everyone attending, to “raise awareness about global warming.”

Tried to get him to concede that, at that late date, perhaps there wasn’t a whole lot of additional awareness-raising to be done. At least not that way.

Ran headlong into the lefty rule about “concede nothing,” as well as, “it’s always all about raising awareness, all of the time, forever and ever amen.”

Lefties do not see the world the way normal people do. To them, messages & images are important, even more important than the objects the images are supposed to represent. A school that operates in seventy languages is seventy times better than a school that teaches the same subject matter in English, after teaching all the students English. I believe this has something to do with why they talk over & over about “sitting down with our enemies to talk out our differences” without mentioning even once, across decades even, anything about what would be said.

Comment by Morgan K Freeberg

That reminds me of the red ribbon from way back when.

“Why are you wearing that?”
“To raise awareness of AIDS”
“Doesn’t it only raise awareness of people who already know what the red ribbon means?”

No real answer.

Comment by Steve Johnson

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